Yonkers Joe

by DeAnn Welker January 5, 2009 5:00 pm
Yonkers Joe Yonkers Joe is a mob film starring a lot of Oscar nominees who you've either a) not heard of or b) never realized they were Oscar nominees. So, you know, high-profile. The most high-profile person in the film is Chazz Palminteri followed closely by Christine Lahti. This is supposedly an "exciting, high-stakes con film" and a "moving family drama" (really? Can you be both?).

The trailer actually makes it look like it's sort of a slow-moving, non-thrilling con film thats also trying to tug at the heart strings, but I guess marketing types have to work with what they're given (which, in this case, isn't much). Christine Lahti is married to Chazz, and they're apparently hustlers who work casinos -- and anywhere else that gambling is involved. Chazz ("Yonkers Joe" of the title, apparently) is especially good at switching out his own dice for the table's. But then we learn he has a mentally handicapped son who's about to turn 21 and thus will be kicked out of the facility that's taking care of him. So now Chazz really has to make that big score. He makes inspirational speeches about the hard life his son's been given, including having Chazz as a father, and Christine Lahti wells up. In other words: It's okay to cheat, lie, and steal if you're doing it for good. He's a modern-day Robin Hood. But with dice and a greased-back hairdo.

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