Bride Wars

by DeAnn Welker January 5, 2009 5:12 pm
Bride Wars It's sort of hard to believe Anne Hathaway went from Rachel Getting Married to Bride Wars, isn't it? She's been getting all sorts of Oscar buzz, but Bride Wars might have the same effect Norbit had for Eddie Murphy (remember: He was nominated for an Oscar for Dreamgirls, but Norbit came out in the lead-up to the Oscars and no one remembered why he was nominated in the first place). As if it weren't bad enough that she's been through this terrible public break-up this year and now has to pose on magazine covers in a wedding dress, it also might ruin her chances at an Oscar. No fair! Except, well, she did choose to be in the stinker, so there's no one to blame but poor little Anne herself.

Anyway, this movie does a good job of highlighting all the reasons to hate women. Just look at the trailer, which shows us two supposed best friends getting uber-competitive about their weddings. And by "uber," I mean completely CRAZY, to the point that they want to sabotage each others' weddings (dying the other's hair blue, giving the other a too-orange spray tan, bedazzling the other's wedding dress, making "Your wedding better watch it!" threats -- whatever that means) and call each other fat ("Your wedding will be huge. Just like your ass at prom"). We all know they will come together in the end and be friends and probably have a double wedding or something stupid like that. But ladies, don't support this crap that is basically sending the message that we are all superficial, shallow creatures who are willing to do anything -- even destroy a friendship -- to have the perfect wedding day.




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