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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Our hero of the week is Tim Gunn, for being classy while telling several bitter Project Runway contestants off for daring to say the show was fixed. We actually really like him when he's angry.

Person Who Made the Worst First Impression: Tyrice (Scrubbing In)
This travelling nurse (and trust us, we didn't know that was a thing that existed until this week either) got off on the wrong foot not only with her colleagues, but also her new employers. Primarily because she seems far more interested in flirting than patient care, she opted to have Chris come and be her guinea pig to test out an IV. (If she doesn't know how to do an IV, regardless of the device, we don't want her handling us.) When he got in trouble for being out of his assigned area, he responsibly told their boss the situation. Tyrice flipped out that he was backstabbing her and started screaming not only at him, but Adrian, who really had nothing to do with the situation at all.

Annoying Know-It-All Who Threw Other People Under the Bus: Travis (Top Chef)
The guy insisted he was the Vietnamese cooking master, and not only got in some digs at the expert judge, but also steered his entire team in a poor direction by giving them tomato-based cuisine to cook. He also brought up a missing-lemongrass problem solely to get someone else in trouble. And then when his team was on the bottom, for food he was largely responsible for, he let someone else get eliminated and took no responsibility at all.

Selfish Person Who Redeemed Himself for Selfish Reasons: Josh Flagg (Million Dollar Listing)
We typically hate the other Josh on this show, but this week Josh Altman was far less obnoxious than normal. He called Josh Flagg out on his trust-fund ways and Flagg hauled off and slapped him across the face. Then Josh nearly lost his adorable boyfriend Colton because he refused to even consider house living. It wasn't until his mommy told him that he should behave like a grown up and keep his boyfriend happy that he finally conceded. But then he made a big show of "gifting" a house to Colton to make himself look like a hero.

Most Pathetic Game Playing Attempt of the Week: Kat (Survivor)
Trying to get Monica eliminated wasn't what earned her a spot on the list, even though it was just poor strategy. No, it was crying at Redemption Island because she was concerned that her boyfriend would break up with her because she didn't make it to the merge and was therefore a loser. When you think your relationship relies on your standings on a reality TV show, you are living in a weirdly disturbing bubble.

Absentee Father of the Week:Josh (Teen Mom 3)
He called his sometimes fiancée Mackenzie to come pick up her saddle, but when she went over to his place with their kid, he wasn't there. And he hadn't left the saddle outside, so she sat there for almost an hour waiting. He didn't show up and had no excuse. And it had been a huge length of time since he actually saw his kid for more than five minutes.

Most Insane Mother-to-Be: Starr (Million Dollar Shoppers)
This show is bound to be filled with plenty of nightmare clients, but she's really something. Not only does this NFL wife demand a purple alligator $30,000 Birkin bag with only two weeks' notice, but the pregnant woman got pissy when people dared to call her clothing maternity. Quite the challenge for someone seven months pregnant who is getting a custom outfit created for her baby shower. Then she made her personal shoppers cry because she changed her mind about the bag when her husband (who had been on a long waiting list) gave her a red bag, and she insisted that was the color she had actually requested. If you are dropping that much money, at least know what you really want.

Worst Person of the Week and the Person We Least Wanted to Be Reunited With: Sandro (Project Runway)
We thought when he stormed off and took down a camera that we'd seen the last of him, but he was back for the reunion and as unapologetic as ever. He dissed Zac Posen repeatedly and mostly blamed unfair judging for his inexcusable temper tantrum. Then he seemed to be the ringleader of the "this show is fake" brigade and really kept pushing at Tim. Alexander and Alexandra were notably obnoxious as well. Nice to see these people hadn't matured at all during their hiatus.

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