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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV

Trying again to promote the good in humanity, we'd like to give it up to Big Brother's Nick who at least had the decency to be polite and kind to GinaMarie on national television. If he runs and hides in the coming weeks to get away from her… well, let's just say we wouldn't blame him.

Most Staged and Obvious Attention Seeker Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms)
She's insufferable normally but even worse when she's so desperately walking off the reunion stage in a huff and then coming back in an effort to stir up drama with Kelly. It only makes these faux feuds seem even more ridiculous.

People Who Most Wasted Our Time This Week The Producers (Big Brother)
What the hell was that awful clip show on Sunday with "new footage"? Between that and ending the finale without letting Julie Chen really tell Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Andy and the others about the public's reactions to their comments in the house made Big Brother a big disappointment.

Biggest Violator of Personal Space Chris (America's Next Top Model)
Even though the boys' shower was underutilized, he opted to crash the girls' shower and stir up drama just for the hell of it, apparently. Between the nutcracking incident and this, he should be put in a bubble.

Sniping Contestants Who Either Need to Make Out or Fight Already Tatu Baby & Joshua (Ink Master)
These two are constantly insulting each other and screaming about the quality of each other's work while everyone else just looks on uncomfortably.

Most Obnoxious Instigator of the Week: Alexander (Project Runway)
He is well aware that Ken is a wild card from previous incidents, but instead of patiently waiting in the hallway for him to finish his little diva ironing bit, he pushed past him and threw the iron on the ground (did he burn the carpet?). Naturally, this brings us to the…

Worst Person of the Week:Ken (Project Runway)
We can only hope that after this show, Ken sought out some anger management classes. When Alexander and Bradon were told to move into the room that Ken and Justin shared, Ken was not pleased. It's a communal hotel room, not his personal property, but he took offense at the prospect and decided to block the doorway in order to iron his denim shorts. And then when Alexander (who was tired of holding his luggage) gave up on waiting, Ken threw a hissy fit and threatened his roommates so much that the behind-the-scenes staff were forced show up on camera to restrain him. And then poor beleaguered Tim Gunn had to try and play mediator between Ken and another designer… again. The only redeeming quality about him this week was that he managed to be sweet to the superfan he was paired with.

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