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You Say Shelved, I Say Canceled

by Angel Cohn September 26, 2008 10:03 am
You Say Shelved, I Say Canceled Do Not Disturb may very well be the first show axed this season, though Fox refuses to come right out and say it. Instead the network is just politely saying that the tedious comedy has been pulled from the lineup for next week and replaced with an episode of 'Til Death. Note to Jerry O'Connell: If your show is being replaced by 'Til Death, its time to start asking your agent about new jobs. Sure there is a minuscule chance that the ratings for the inexplicably popular 'Til Death will tank and Fox will decide Disturb wasn't such a bad option. But that's not going to happen. Networks hate to use the canceled word. Shows are just "shelved" instead, and occasionally the additional episodes are aired on a Friday night at 2 am, so they can say they aired them for contractual reasons or whatever, or so the one fan out there will be happy and stop sending emails to the network president. So Fox can call it whatever it wants, but it seems that Do Not Disturb isn't likely to disturb viewers Wednesday nights any longer. Oh, and can someone give Jesse Tyler Ferguson a job on a good show? Please?




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