Saturday Night Live: The Best and Worst of Melissa McCarthy

by Aly Semigran February 3, 2014 9:41 am
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Melissa McCarthy

How do you turn a versatile, gifted comic actress into a one-note sight gag? Apparently by having her host SNL for her third time. It's not that the Mike & Molly star didn't give it her all this weekend on SNL, but for whatever reason, the writers insisted on making the beautiful, hilarious actress dumpy and/or vulgar in just about every single sketch. After the third or fourth time, it wasn't funny. Just in case that wasn't enough to bum you out, there was also Imagine Dragons. Kidding, it's because the episode also marked Seth Meyers' final appearance on SNL before he takes over Late Night, and the long-running player/writer got an amazing, guest-filled, lump-in-the-throat farewell. Here now are the best and worst of Melissa McCarthy (and Seth Meyers!) SNL:

<I>Saturday Night Live</I>: Melissa McCarthy’s Biggest Hair Don’ts

This second appearance of Melissa McCarthy wasn't the worst episode of SNL that we've seen this season, but that's not really saying much. It mostly relied on putting McCarthy in ridiculous wigs and having her do really broad physical comedy. Having watched more of Mike & Molly than we'd normally care to admit, we know that McCarthy is capable of slightly subtler humor that doesn't rely on her wearing gigantic high heels and bad wigs or falling on her face... but the show went for the easiest common denominator. They also went a really long way with a North Korea joke in the cold open solely so they could have Dennis Rodman butcher the "live from New York" intro. We've ranked the bad hair that McCarthy sported, from best to worst:

<I>Saturday Night Live</I>: The Six Worst Things About the Melissa McCarthy Episode

This was one of the most painful television experiences I've had in a long time, and I watched two episodes of Whitney. I don't know why I had any expectations for this one; perhaps it was because I adore Melissa McCarthy and was hoping that the writers here would have some fun stuff for her. But honestly, she's better served on Mike & Molly, where at least she gets some actual really good lines without having to be "that crazy person." This episode was so terrible that Lady Antebellum, who I am normally not a fan of (the ways I hate that "I'm a little drunk" song are too long to even count), doesn't even make this list of the worst things about the night.



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