Saturday Night Live: Bad or Superbad?

by Ethan Alter March 12, 2012 10:18 am
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: Bad or Superbad?

You wouldn't know it based on that terrible episode of Saturday Night Live that aired over the weekend, but Jonah Hill is a pretty funny guy. Superbad? Hysterical. Get Him to the Greek? Not a great movie, but he's amusing in it. The Sitter? Ditto. 21 Jump Street? You'll have to wait until Friday to get our verdict on that one. Anyway, the point is that Hill is usually on his game, even when the material around him is sub-par. But that wasn't the case on Saturday night -- not only did most of the skits themselves fail to click, but Hill also seemed distracted and disinterested much of the time. Here are our picks for which sketches were merely bad... and which were superbad.



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