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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

New year... and a bunch of horrible new reality stars to contend with. Welcome to 2014, everyone.

Most Self-Centered Boss of the Week: Courtney (Courtney Loves Dallas)
She gave her assistant demeaning tasks, cried really awfully, forced her girlfriends to go to some shady town so she can see a Prada "museum" (which is about 200 square feet and not even something you can enter) and talked about herself for hours while ignoring her friends. She complained that they weren't being supportive after they finally told her to stop complaining about a guy she broke up with ages ago. Then she nearly got arrested and caused an accident because she couldn't ride a bike.

Most Detrimental Mother of the Week: Leslie (Dance Moms)
Can we only hope that she's gone for good this time? Because we've had about more than enough of her attitude on this show to last us for a lifetime. Her constant griping about how nothing is good enough has rubbed off on Payton, who has started complaining about every little thing as well. Perhaps her tiff with Abby over Leslie making negative comments about the team will be the final straw.

Most Indecisive Quitter: Danny (Best Ink)
He doesn't like the challenges that actually… challenge his artistic ability and feels frustrated that he has to do things that are hard. Oh gee, did you think winning a reality show was going to be easy? So he up and quit. But then after head judge Joe gave him a lecture, he came back. And then pouted when his sub-par tattoo got torn apart.

The Most Self-Centered Person This Week: Stassi (Vanderpump Rules)
We'd say that Courtney gave her a run for her money this week, but we don't think we could hear Stassi remind us that it was her birthday one more time. She didn't want to work, because it was her birthday. She wanted everyone to do her bidding, because it was her birthday. She got mad when people only skinny dipped for a minute, because it was her birthday. She got mad that her friends were clearly breaking up in front of her face, because it was her birthday and taking attention off of her. She also called girls in wet t-shirt contests skanky, after she went skinny dipping in the ocean and tore into her ex-boyfriend for flirting with other girls (even though he's an ex). We don't like Scheana, and also didn't care for her gangbang comment, but maybe she was on to something hanging out with the guys.

Worst Team Player: Nicholas (Top Chef)
He won immunity during a Quickfire challenge, and then when he was placed on a team, refused to listen to his team's suggestions… and his team subsequently landed in the bottom as a direct result. So even though the other members of his team (Shirley and Stephanie) had two of the better dishes of the entire night, they all suffered. And when Tom said Nicholas should fall on his sword and take responsibility for his sucky dish, he outright refused to give up immunity and let Stephanie go home for his mistakes. Real class act.

Most Miserable Person to Go on a Date With: GG (Shahs of Sunset)
She went out with a guy that she flirted with (while she was still dating someone else) and even though he's much younger, immediately asked him if he's ready to get married. Then she "jokingly" declared the date over when he said he wasn't. But she still used him as a plus-one for a party, mostly to rub it in MJ's face. And then Shayan (the young guy who got pulled into this mess) was forced to hear about all of this ridiculous drama, and then got attacked by MJ. Not worth it for the five minutes of TV time.

Single Worst Person of the Week: Ashley (Real World: Ex-Plosion)
Pretty sure we are already disgusted by the entire cast, but Ashley is really something else. Having a supposed boyfriend, another guy sleeping over and then throwing herself at a roommate all in the span of two days is really quite the feat. She also got belligerently drunk, and started heaving horrible accusations against people, tossing a pan-full of hot meat in someone's face and flaunting her wealth. And then she had barely any recollection of it all the next morning. We've got a feeling that this whole season is going to be a see-saw of her starting fights and apologizing. Let's just hope people hide the frying pans.




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