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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

People weren't as disgusting this week as normal, so that's refreshing. Instead they were just obnoxious.

Michelle & Stanley (Project Runway)
Michelle has easily become this season's villain by talking crap about every single other designer on the show. This week, she set her evil sights on her poor sweet partner Daniel, criticizing his work, saying it was too old-fashioned and then denying it. But while Stanley's condescending attitude towards Patricia wasn't as blatantly obvious, it was still just as terrible. He told her to stop being creative because he wanted to win... on a show that is about expressing creativity.

Rachel (Wicked Single)
This show is filled with Jersey Shore clones with Boston accents, including a Situation wannabe who goes by the name Chubbs. But Rachel seems like the worst here, what with her belligerent drunken behavior, her gold-digging ways (she wants to have a professional athlete's baby), writing people off for random fights and then getting falling-down wasted. Trashed new mom Snooki over on Snooki & JWOWW looks charming by comparison.

Faye (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
Brandi and Marissa were having a totally rational, if needlessly stupid, discussion about a text Brandi had sent saying Marissa should get a hall pass from her husband to spice things up in their marriage. But then Faye saw them chatting and came over, stuck her nose in where it didn't belong and started attacking Brandi, telling her she wasn't a lady. Stop trying to make yourself happen, Faye.

Chelsea (Teen Mom 2)
She finally got her life together, finished her much talked about GED, got into beauty school, put her baby in daycare and got rid of her loser ex. But when faced when the proposition of moving (because her lease was up), she loses her mind. Her mom helps her find a totally nice townhouse, but Chelsea doesn't want to walk up stairs, so she wants to move out of the entire state instead of waiting the one year until she's finished school.

Cameron (Dukes of Melrose)
His business partner Christos plans a semi-annual shoe sale, but Cameron thinks that selling footwear to the masses for cheap (read: $150 per pair) is beneath him. So he insults almost every customer, threatens them with foot fungus and then disappears to the office so he doesn't actually have to work with the commoners who might actually want to spend money in his store.

Winner: Chelsea
We were going to let her slide for being whiny, but then she got on the phone with her dad in the car on a non-hands free cell and started crying and gesticulating with her hands so much that she wasn't even steering... all with her adorable baby in the car. She may be depressed, but she's also a menace to those on the road around her.

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