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Insipid in The City

by Lauren Gitlin October 21, 2008 2:06 pm
Insipid in <i>The City</i> When I imagine the pitch for the Hills spin-off The City, it goes a little something like this:

Hey, I have a great idea! So how about we take the boringest character? From the boringest reality show? And make a show about her? It's sure to be a non-stop thrill ride, not to mention a ratings bonanza!

God love her, Whitney Port definitely seems like the least annoying/most normal person on The Hills, but we all know that niceness gets you nowhere in the world of reality television. As Michael K. at D-Listed wisely points out, her contributions to the show over the course of its run have mostly been asking LC how her weekend was. Can you really create a show around someone who has up to now functioned solely as a sounding board for only slightly less bland characters? That might sound like a rhetorical question, but honestly I want answers. Say what you will about the dumdum drama betwixt LC and Audrina and Brody and Speidi. Fabricated or not, pointless or not, even the lazy among us (me) can muster the requisite energy to make retching noises from the couch whenever Spencer comes on screen. It's visceral is what I'm saying.

Based on the trailer for the new show, the boringness action will follow Whitney as she makes the move to NYC to work for her awesome bitch-on-wheels boss Kelly Cutrone. (If anyone in the world deserves a reality show it's this woman, so here's hoping she's prominently, prominently featured.) In the process she makes friends with some girl with bangs and bad taste in guys, dates a hot dude from Australia, gets glared at by a girl she works with and enjoys a champagne toast to her burgeoning success as a celebrity stylist. Well, there are two items on that list that sound realistic. Can you guess which?

Will you watch this latest assault on taste reality show? Please advise. The future of my DVR is in your hands. Clip below.




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