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With barely a mention of Ann and Chris or their recent departure, we pick right up with the rest of the Pawnee crew for "Anniversaries." While I liked a large part of this episode, the Game of Thrones ending filled me with a weird blend of happiness and anger and confusion, so I still don't know how I feel about it, but I do know that I love Ben Wyatt's stupid surprised face more than I should which goes a long way towards covering up any mixed feelings I may have.

August Clementine & Derry Murbles
"Did you just say the word 'scoff'?" Can we PLEASE stream "Thought for Your Thoughts" somewhere? Casting John Hodgman and Dan Castellaneta as Eagleton/Pawnee rivals who share a mild-mannered radio show where they passive-aggressively bicker about the merger was an inspired idea. I want more. Lots more.

Pizza Stuffed Crust Pizza
A pizza with a crust that is stuffed with pizza which in turn has a crust that is made of chocolate? This is the things that dreams are made of. No wonder people are rioting!

Ben & Jerry/Larry's Dream Date
Watching Ben and Jerry/Larry (I want to call him Jerry because the stuffed pizza made me think of food and Ben & Jerry together makes me think of ice cream which sounds really amazing right now) get couples massages and share a love of Enchanted -- complete with a carriage ride, cooking class and tango lessons -- was even more satisfying than actually watching Ben plan a perfect date. Love that he made a scrapbook of the day, just for Leslie to have. Also, love Ben's theory on hypnotism and how Larry landed such a hot wife. Nutmeg!

Ron Swanson vs. Canada
Ron's letter writing campaign against… well, everything he hates (Canada, vegans, European ambassadors, frozen yogurt and male cologne) was a valuable use of the internet. Glad he discovered his own version of Yelp, and just started stapling letters to doors. And his thoughts on children as artists are pretty spot-on.

April vs. Donna
I could have lived without this storyline about April trying to criticize Donna and get her to actually do her job at the animal shelter. Donna getting angry that someone left her a very specific Yelp review and firing some poor employee was just dumb. April doesn't usually have trouble telling people what she thinks about them, so this seemed slightly out of character for her.

Pawnee/Eagleton Youth Committee/Super Chill Fun E-Hang Out
Although Tom has been entirely underutilized lately, it was nice to see him and Craig (plus new bonus friend Madison who drives) and April/Andy getting a chance to actually work and come up with an outdoor festival that maybe features Ginuwine, was refreshing, if brief.

Leslie and the Anniversary Couple
She unknowingly avoided her own pre-anniversary surprise and instead tried to get a longtime Pawnee/Eagleton couple to talk about how they managed to stay together for 50 years, which was of course a total disaster. It didn't add much to the show, but we did learn that if you are going to surprise someone with yellow and white balloons and a large piece of cardboard, you'd better have as much cash as the Publisher's Clearing House… or at least 200 bucks.

The Iron Throne
Despite the "no gift" rule, Ben went out of his way to craft a special day for Leslie and naturally Leslie got the perfect gift for Ben. And damn, it was really, really awesome. I'm actually almost jealous. She got a craftsman to make an exact replica of the Iron Throne, and Ben LOVED it, and sat it in wielding power like he was an insufferable Joffrey Baratheon. The only thing that took us out of this amazing moment was Leslie role-playing as someone on a starship. I feel like we've heard him call her Khaleesi before and she got the reference so she must know what GoT is about, right? I can only hope that she was joking… I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it did.




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