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<i>Parks & Recreation</I>: A Second Chunce to Make a First Impression

The show is back to its regularly scheduled timeslot without the chaos of double episodes and long hiatuses that we endured last fall. And "Second Chunce" was just about adorably perfect, with a Kristen Bell appearance, just enough Jean-Ralphio, a super romantic gesture, Tom finally getting his act together and Andy back in town. Here are the best pairings of the episode:

April and Andy
Andy's back and super jet-lagged (we wonder if Chris Pratt was so wiped after his Guardians of the Galaxy gig that this was written around that), which led to some stupid stuff like him peeing in a plant in the middle of the office, but also reminded us of why we like this couple together so much. When she threatened to turn the hose on him in the house and he smirked and said he wanted her to, it felt just like old times.
Best April Line: "Time is money. Money is power. Power is pizza. Pizza is knowledge. Let's go."
Best Andy Line: "That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca."

Tom and the Entrepreneurs
Tom's sale of Rent-A-Swag was finalized, and left Tom floundering for a new gimmick, but Dr. Saperstein's lawyer gave him the brilliant idea to farm out working to other people. But sadly, after their mini-Pawnee Shark Tank, Jerry/Larry was the only one with a viable idea… and no one was buying that. So Tom had to find a way to get out of his dead-end job and, inspired by April creating her own position, made himself the business liaison of the Parks department. It's actually a good gig for him, but his talking tissue idea is definitely worth exploring.
Best Tom Line: "$32,000. I'm basically a millionaire."
Best Ron Line: "I don't like French words, but I do like the word business… You may continue."
Best Jerry/Larry Line: "Am I Lenny now?"

Ben and Leslie
On Leslie's last day on the City Council (which seemed like it's been a long time coming), she passed the torch to the lovely and entitled Ingrid de Forest. After a lot of name-dropping, the two shared an almost touching moment, but Leslie never really mentioned the raging misogyny on the council… so I guess she'll just let Ingrid cope with that on her own. But after yet another Councilman Dexhart sex scandal (his poor wife just turned around and bowed her head during the press conference), Leslie gets the idea to run against him in the next election and no one (well, except Jerry/Larry) thought it was a wise idea. Ben triesdto talk her out of it, but came off as unsupportive for a minute before finding a way to show her that he loves her and wants her to achieve all her dreams. (This plotline which was wrapped up beautifully in 22 minutes, was very similar to the Leonard/Penny fighting currently on The Big Bang Theory and that's taken up more than two episodes so far and is still unresolved. Proving once and for all that if you are going to have a geeky significant other, it should be Ben Wyatt.) Ben hired Jennifer Barkley (at an inordinate rate) to give Leslie campaign/career advice and then whisked his wife away for an impromptu trip to Paris. Not sure the logistics of that or the finances, but he's good with money, so we'll just go along with this highly romantic gesture. Also, it stopped Leslie from running again for City Council and I think we can all be grateful for that.
Best Leslie Line: "I've processed all my feelings and I've gone through the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, Internet commenting, cat adoption, African dance, cat returning to the adoption place, watching all the episodes of Murphy Brown and not giving a flying fart."
Best Ben Line: "I'd like to order a singing telegram. Well, my wife lost her job, so maybe something sad and slow… Do you know anything from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack? This is a bad idea. I'm hanging up now. Bye.
Best Dexhart Line: "Text Mexting. Where you send photos of your junk from a Chili's to Go.

Ann, Chris and the Sapersteins
Chris and Ann were off in their own little babycentric world, so neither of them even got to weigh in on Leslie's possible run for office. Instead, they were dealing with Dr. Saperstein and trying to decide if they wanted to know the sex of their unborn child. This whole subplot was a little bit tedious and tacked on, but it did give us a peek into the Saperstein home life, where Dr. Saperstein and Jean-Ralphio wear matching robes and watch cartoons. Also, Jean-Ralphio called Chris beautiful and suggested possibly one of the weirdest threesomes ever (especially since Dr. Saperstein was witness to the entire proposition).
Best Ann Line: Do you think Domino's delivers to this restaurant?
Best Jean-Ralphio Line: [Sung] "Open-minded as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell. I think you're pretty good looking."
Best Chris Line: "Thank you!"




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