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<i>Girls</i>: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny of “She Said OK”

Who's your least favorite girl on Girls? It's actually a tougher question to answer than who is your favorite, isn't it? Unlike, say, Sex and the City, where fans willingly identified themselves as the characters ("I'm a Miranda!"), Girls dares you to figure out who you can tolerate this week. And while your answers may fluctuate (Shoshanna's speed-talking insanity may charm you one week, and grate your nerves another), it's pretty apparent who Girls' least favorite girl is: Marnie. This show hates Marnie so much that not only have they made her storyline for the better part of two seasons "pout," but they have had her humiliate herself by singing in public twice now. Last night's episode of Girls, "She Said OK," was no exception to the Marnie-hating rule. But, lucky for her, there's a new girl in town named Caroline (Adam's little sister) and she is totally crazy and hate-worthy. In fact, Marnie hate may actually just turn to pitable from now on. Maybe. Until then, here's the good, the bad and the funny of "She Said OK," in which Hannah has her 25th birthday party and a whole lot goes wrong:

The Good

Hannah's Parents
I love Hannah's parents. Not only are they adorable (the dancing! Mr. Horvath's hat! Mr. Horvath yelling "Surprise!" despite the fact that it wasn’t a surprise party!), but they are incredibly patient people and the only voices of reason in a sea of terrible 20-somethings. They got a little annoyed, and rightly so, when Marnie took credit for the party that they were paying for, but they were still cute little social butterflies who seemed to be enjoying themselves at a bar packed to the brim with annoying Brooklynites. They are the best.

Adam knew better than to let his toxic sister stay with them at their apartment (Hannah, of course, did not listen) but he was still incredibly upset when she hinted that her bruises might be from abuse. Adam may be a disaster (he tends to want to have sex at wildly inappropriate times), but at least he knows how people tick ("She's mean in her heart"), how to not fall for their obvious bullshit and, most importantly, he knows himself. He even gave Hannah a thoughtful, if not totally creepy, birthday present: a necklace with his baby teeth on it.

Ray is trying to be a better person, even if he is still completely socially inept. He took over the reins as manager at the new Grumpys (where he had a genuinely nice heart-to-heart with his apparently terminally ill boss Hermie, played by Colin Quinn) and finally has an apartment for himself. He's desperately trying to navigate having a broken heart and when he runs into Shoshanna at Hannah's party he levels with her that, "I don’t think I wanna be friends with you. I don’t wanna be polite with you, I don’t wanna have small talk with you. Enjoy your evening, enjoy your life." I respect that he was honest with her and with himself, but that moment of personal victory was fleeting as he later found himself in a fistfight with Hannah's editor David (who unexpectedly showed up at the party, high on who the hell knows what and looking for some Grindr-worthy hookups) over the social order of requesting songs from a DJ. Ray couldn't land a punch, wound up bloodied by the "poor man's Anderson Cooper" and still had to listen to LMFAO instead of the Smashing Pumpkins. When did the boys on Girls become so much more compelling than the girls?

The Bad

Adam wasn't kidding when he said that Caroline (played by Gaby Hoffman, who has come quite a way from her Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams days) was bad news. She comes bursting back into Adam's life – and their apartment – with a story about how her boyfriend dropped her off on the side of the road with nowhere to go and that she was fired from her teaching job because "No one trusts a young, beautiful teacher." Sooooo, it's pretty easy to tell from the get-go that Caroline is either crazy or full of shit, or most likely both. According to Adam, Caroline once tried to euthanize their grandmother, flushed his fish down a toilet to "set them free" and pretty much "destroys everything in her wake." Caroline proves that to be exactly the case when she bites Ray for no reason at the bar and then disappears from the birthday party. Hannah and Adam find her later, standing pants-less in their bathroom where she proceeds to say "You don't care if I'm on the street" in a zombie-like trance, break a glass in her hand, bleeds everywhere and all but ensures she would be staying put. (As Adam predicted, "She got in.") God I miss Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams Gaby Hoffman.

I have been trying to figure out who this guy is for weeks and I'm back to being stumped again. Last week he was a friendly, supportive, chocolate cup-eating editor; this week he was a drunk, rude and insulting not-actually-invited party guest. While I definitely have always wanted to scream at "scruffy trust funders," that guy was being a dick through and through.

Oof, Marnie. The episode itself kicked off with a never-before-seen amateur music video of Marnie singing Edie Brickell's "What I Am" in what looked like a cheesy tampon commercial gone terribly wrong. Apparently, the video was made by Charlie when they were still together, and Marnie is desperate to get it off the Internet (I don't blame her) but can't without Charlie's help. Marnie, in turn, decides to be a totally horrible person to Hannah at her birthday party (which she partially attended to take Istagrams to make Charlie jealous) with backhanded compliments ("She could look like this every day if she wanted") and a rendition of "Take Me or Leave Me" that no one, especially Hannah, asked for. It wasn't nearly as humiliating as the Kanye cover last season, but it was still pretty unbearable to watch.

The Funny

- Laird! Laird does not get nearly enough screen time on this show so I was thrilled when he showed up at the party. Not only did he come with a gift in hand (which, of course, Marnie brushed off) but he was the only one legitimately into the world's saddest Rent duet ("What's this from?!").

- The return of Tako. (With a "k," never forget.)

- Shoshanna's assessment that in the four years since Hannah has graduated college, she has "accomplished nothing."

- "Oh my God, that's Ed Norton! I love him!" – Adam, mistaking David for Edward Norton. (I just like that Adam knows who Ed Norton is, honestly.)

- This exchange between Hannah and Adam: "I made you something"…"Oh, is it drugs?!"




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