Dancing with the Stars: Does Season 17 Have the Best Cast Yet?

by Aly Semigran September 4, 2013 12:37 pm
<i>Dancing with the Stars</i>: Does Season 17 Have the Best Cast Yet?

Just one day after it was announced that American Idol would bring on Harry Connick Jr. (and bring back Jennifer Lopez) as a judge, Dancing with the Stars one-upped them with the reveal of what is, quite possibly, their best cast yet.

TWoP 10: Celebs We Want Back on <I>Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars</I>

Mario Lopez recently spoiled that there was going to be an all-star season of Dancing With the Stars. We presume that means that Mr. Lopez will be among the returning competitors, though we can think of others we'd love to see again from the hundreds who have been on the show (some because of their talent, others for pure entertainment value). We're excluding previous winners (since they may have an unfair advantage), much as we'd enjoy watching Drew Lachey and J.R. Martinez again.

Dancing With the Stars: Did the Wrong Person Win?

by Angel Cohn May 20, 2009 11:54 am
<I>Dancing With the Stars</I>: Did the Wrong Person Win?

Last night, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson took home the ugly mirrorball trophy for her efforts this season on Dancing With the Stars, but her co-finalists, Melissa Rycroft (of dumped by The Bachelor fame) and Gilles Marini (of taking off all his clothes in Sex and the City fame) were clearly the stronger dancers. Johnson has grown into a moderately better dancer throughout the course of the show, but aside from her fun freestyle on Monday night, she didn't really have the flair that the other two competitors did. There was a lack of elegance and style, and she always had a pained look on her face, or a plastered-on faux smile. Due to her young age (or her sheltered life as a young athlete), she was also missing the flirty sexiness needed during the Latin dances. Though I've been to my share of high school dances and bar mitzvahs and there are plenty of 17-year-old girls who can bring on the sexy when they want to.. or just whenever.

TWoP 10: Worst Dancing With the Stars Celebrities

by Angel Cohn March 6, 2009 11:50 am
TWoP 10: Worst <I>Dancing With the Stars</I> Celebrities

It's that time of year again when a new season of wannabes and has-beens put on some uncomfortable shoes and inappropriate flesh-revealing costumes in order to boogie down for the American public. This season is shaping up to be interesting, with Jewel and Nancy O'Dell dropping out because of injuries before the first episode even airs. But while some celebs are working hard, to the point of physically breaking, we imagine there are some who are just not going to get it (Steve-O, we presume). So with that in mind, we looked back at the celebrities (and we use that term loosely) from seasons past who were unable to wow us with their skills on the dance floor, no matter how hard they tried (or didn't try, in some cases). It was really a challenge to narrow this one down to 10.

Why Lance Will Win Dancing With the Stars

by Angel Cohn November 21, 2008 1:30 pm
Why Lance Will Win <i>Dancing With the Stars</I>

Every year I say that I'm not going to watch this show anymore. But then I do. This time around I got suckered into watching because of the adorable Lance Bass (I never noticed he was the worst dancer in the boy band, I just thought he was cute!), who was teamed new pro Lacey Schwimmer, whom I loved on So You Think You Can Dance. I was fully prepared to stop watching once the N'Sync boy got ousted, which, judging by his early performances, should have been right about the time Cloris got the boot. However, he's stepped up his game and now he's in the finals. While I'm slightly miffed that I've wasted countless hours on this show, I think he stands a shot at actually winning this season. Go figure.

New Dancing With The Stars Cast Shocks and Awes Me

by Lauren Gitlin August 25, 2008 12:08 pm
New <i>Dancing With The Stars</i> Cast Shocks and Awes Me

I always thought Dancing With the Stars should quit trying to sound all highbrow and just call itself People You Probably Forgot Existed But Whose Pathetic Career Trajectory Is Now Obvious By Virtue Of The Fact That They've Been Cast On This Show. That is, until I read the lineup of "celebs" they have on deck for the new season. Ladies and gents, this is the créme de la créme of D-Listers. One might even say the A-List of D-Listers. Hey, let's call them Delta Force Listers! Seriously, someone must've sold his soul to Heidi Montag, because this season is jam-packed with people I actually kinda give a crap about! Here are the bright and shining "stars" I'm most excited to watch shaking his or her thang for the world to see.

No One Wants to Be on <I>Dancing With the Stars</I>, and I Don’t Blame Them

Dan Quayle doesn't wanna, now Kathy Griffin doesn't wanna -- the only person on God's green earth who actually wants to be on Dancing With the Stars is Dick Smothers! And, as I've said before, the TV legend has been rejected three whole times! I mean, who the hell else can they really get at this point? At this rate, they'll have been turned down by every Kato Kaelin and Paula Poundstone in the land by the end of the month, and the DWtS producers will have to cast the Smothers Brother, right? And I hope he turns them down, and they have to simulate a cast with cardboard cutouts of celebs mounted on toy trains like in Home Alone! It will be a great victory for Dick (Smothers)!

Dancing With the Stars: DumDums Edition

by Kate Rogan July 30, 2008 12:36 pm
Dancing With the Stars: DumDums Edition This past season of Dancing With the Stars was known for having the least enticing group of D-List celebrities to ever make it on the show. Yet with the show's incredible success, you think the producers could pull a few strings and bring in some real A-listers (or at least B-listers?) for its next season. Although ABC had not yet released next season's contestants, ExtraTV claims that Dan Quayle, as in former Vice President of the United States, "is on the short list of potential stars." Kim Kardashian, known entirely for her large derrière and Lance Bass, former N'SYNC star, are also rumored to be on the short list. Good Morning America will be the first to reveal the stars appearing on the show's next season. Who knows what would happen with a former V.P., a playboy cover girl and yet another boy bander in the lineup? I know I'd watch.

Just What We Needed! More Dancing on TV!

by Angel Cohn November 17, 2008 2:02 pm
Just What We Needed! More Dancing on TV!

Don't get me wrong. I love So You Think You Can Dance. I aspire to be on America's Best Dance Crew (despite the fact that I can't hip-hop dance AT ALL). I kinda secretly adore the chaos of Dancing With the Stars. But I'm not sure I really needed another dance show. And yet, the adorable Nigel Lythgoe (and producing partner Simon Fuller) are unleashing Superstar Dancers of the World (which is thankfully listed as a working title and needs to be changed ASAP) on America sometime early next year.

So She Thinks She Can Dance With the Stars

by Angel Cohn August 27, 2008 4:14 pm
So She Thinks She Can Dance With the Stars

While there's been a buzz and a lot of debate this week about the new celebrity contestants on this season of Dancing With the Stars, I'm mostly excited about the new professional dancers. OK, not caring so much about Mark Ballas's dad (who'll be paired with Cloris Leachman) or pro Inna Brayer. But excited that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is back (woo!) and that a certain former So You Think You Can Dance hot tamale, Lacey Schwimmer, is joining in on the fun.

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