Glam God Casts a Pall on the House of Me

by Lauren Gitlin August 22, 2008 10:48 am
<i>Glam God</i> Casts a Pall on the House of Me Did you guys know that South Bend, Indiana is the style capital of the world? I'd never have guessed it growing up there, but now that I think about it, I guess it makes some sense. Two out of two stars of upcoming stylist-related reality shows are from there: Anne Slowey, fashion director of Elle Magazine and Miranda Priestley stand-in in the upcoming Devil Wears Prada-themed show Stylista , hails from said burg, as does Vivica A. Fox, she of the identically-themed VH1 show Glam God With Vivica A. Fox. It is true that despite the highest strip-mall per capita density I've ever encountered in my not at all scientific surveying of such things, South Bend does boast a handful of stylish folks with a genuine flair for fashion and an eye for creativity. This wholly includes -- and I'm not at all biased here people -- me and my girlfriends. And my mom, who rocked those louvered Kanye West sunglasses before every hip hop artist from here to Dubai got grabby with them. The rest of the town, from what I can tell, is happy to offer itself up to a rather limited array of designers that spans from the Gap to Dress Barn, with some Wet Seal thrown in for the under-fifty set (plenty of soccer moms think it's really cute to dress up like mall rat Lolitas but once they hit the big 5-0 they beggar off. Even they have standards to uphold!).

VH1's Fall Reality Lineup Bites Everyone's Steez

by Lauren Gitlin August 14, 2008 1:05 pm
VH1's Fall Reality Lineup Bites Everyone's Steez Kathy Griffin did it. Sarah Silverman did it. Now raunch-tastical comedienne Margaret Cho is throwing her hat into the TV ring with The Cho Show, a reality show airing on VH1 that sounds, based on the description, like a mix between My Life on the D List and Celebrity Circus: "This VH1 series will follow the irrepressible Margaret Cho and her eccentric entourage as she fights to be herself in an industry that in the past wanted her to be something other than herself. The series will touch upon all aspects of Margaret's 'anything goes' lifestyle, from the strained and awkward moments provided by her somewhat traditional Korean parents to the more irreverent and outrageous moments shared with her colorful cast of friends and colleagues."



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