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<i>Burning Love</i>: <I>Bachelor</i> Fans, Watch This Show

Now that award show season is over and there's not much fashion to make fun of for a while, E! has begun airing Season 1 of the acclaimed Bachelor spoof web series, Burning Love (which is currently running its second season, a Bachelorette take-off, online), starring Ken Marino has a charismatic-yet-shallow -- so, "typical" -- Bachelor-type contestant looking for love on TV. The first half-hour installment (the webisodes are usually 15 minutes) premiered this week and there will be six more to follow. Fans of Childrens Hospital, Party Down and even Parks and Recreation, Community and New Girl will recognize lots of familiar faces for sure, but those who may appreciate it the most are those of us who have sat through many shameful viewings of The Bachelor.

The genius of Burning Love -- beyond excellent casting -- is that it blends funny gags with what feels like shot-for-shot remakes of actual Bachelor scenes. I'm personally late to the game on this show and only caught it last night after The Soup, but after watching the first episode, consider me a believer in both true love and this series. My only complaint is that they couldn't get Chris Harrison to drop by and play himself.

Give this scene a try -- if you're not into it, then move along. But if it at least makes you smile, you can catch the series every Monday at 10 PM on E!.

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