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The Most Glaring Questions Raised by the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This job requires me to watch a lot of terrible awards shows , so honestly, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was in no way the worst televised event I've had to sit through in the past few months. The concept of the show, as well as the actual execution, did, however, leave me with more questions than a typical three-hour telecast ceremony usually does, especially given that this thing was only one-hour long. If anyone could clear the below quandaries up for me, I'd highly appreciate it.

Who Is the Intended Audience for This Telecast?
In these times of both hypsersexuality and slut-shaming, it's hard for me as a feminist to process how the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show pulls the enormous audience and makes the massive amount of money that it does. Is there really space once a year for CBS to stop the presses in order to have an extremely boring (if we're talking about fashion) runway special? The answer: absolutely, because no one who drools over Fashion Week is watching this thing -- at least not for anything but the hot chicks. And the women are stunning and seem genuinely happy, so more power to 'em... as long as they stop calling themselves "nerds," which... I've covered before.

Is CBS Actually Trying to Make the Show "Innocent"?
Was anyone else creeped out by the segment where the angels giggled over their childhood photos? I guess it was supposed to be a sweet moment where we got to see where all of the models came from and how they're just your regular ol' girl-next-door types (sure), but I was decidedly uncomfortable watching a split-screen of grown woman in her underwear looking at a picture of herself playing topless as a child. Like, I don't think it was exactly inappropriate or anything, it was just really strange and spoke so much of our culture. Same thing with the fact that CBS blurred out some of the model's backsides on the runway: You're televising a softcore lingerie fashion show, guys -- the jig is up. Just imagine this thing if it was on Spike.

Doesn't NBC Own Adam Levine's Soul These Days?
I could've sworn the Maroon 5 singer and The Voice judge had signed his humanity over to the Peacock, but considering his girlfriend is Victoria Secret's model Anne Vyalitsyna, I guess he was able to break away for a few hours to sing his lifeless hit "Moves Live Jagger." The other musical performances weren't much better -- though thanks to the inclusion of Jay-Z's surprise Watch the Throne performance, we did get to see Beyonce's baby bump. Something for everyone!

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