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Permanent Hiatus

What doesn’t kill Kelly Clarkson makes her stronger. Except this show.


Permanent Hiatus

“So who should we get to play the Jack Nicholson part? You know, three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson?” “Hmm… hmm… wait, I got it! The Mountie from Due South!”


Permanent Hiatus

Ed was a challenge for TWoP: we wanted to see if the site could snarkily recap a show that was actually well-written and featured decent actors with no immediate physical shortcomings. It turns out we couldn’t. Well…we could, but nobody really cared. Well…people cared, but just not enough of them. The show lives on, the recaps don’t, the world keeps spinning on its axis, God bless America and parts of Canada. Amen.



Eli Stone

Permanent Hiatus

Did prophet lawyer boy foresee us cancelling his ass?

Emmy Awards


Permanent Hiatus

It was a long road. Getting from premiere to cancellation. It was an uneven road, but it’s time for some celebration. Some say this newest star in the Star Trek crown was pulled three years too late. Some say it was three years too early. Some say Bakula went in for an emergency furrowectomy straight from the wrap party. But I don’t believe them. It’s not that Star Trek is dead, you know — it just went to live in the country where it can chase lots of rabbits and squirrels. Go find yourself some Deep Space Nine and remember when Star Trek was truly great.


Permanent Hiatus

After five weeks of waiting for something to happen, five weeks of waiting for up-and-coming film star Vincent Chase to make a decision or say more than ten words per episode, five weeks of waiting for Eric to get the richly-deserved pimp-slap from the professionals he was aping, for Drama to finally become a man, for Turtle to finally die horribly…after five weeks of waiting, something finally did happen. On the show? No, we’re still waiting. And that’s why it got canned. Farewell, Debi Mazar. We’re sorry we called you “the female Udo Kier.” You’re so much more.


Permanent Hiatus

Doug Ross left. Carol left. Benton left. Mark Greene died. And now Carter’s gone. As much as we’d like to keep the show around just for Haleh, that doesn’t quite work. It’s time to pronounce this one dead. Wait, is that a pulse? No. No, it’s not.


Permanent Hiatus

Time for us to get the hell out of town.


Permanent Hiatus

A show about a New York neurosurgeon who moves his children to a tiny mountain town after the death of his wife, learning hard life lessons along the way? Sounds too cheesy to be true, doesn’t it? It is, but it’s also awesome, which makes for some pretty tough recapping. So after three seasons, we bid it a fond “Damn you, Berlanti!” and said goodbye. See ya, Everwood. You’ll live on at the WB and in our hearts, but not at TWoP.

Ex List

Permanent Hiatus

Some may blame the unappealing lead character. Others may blame the deadly Friday timeslot. But we know better: We blame Eric Balfour.

Expedition Impossible

Permanent Hiatus

Just what no one wanted: an Amazing Race with teams of three instead of two, set in only one country instead of traversing the globe. Passport revoked.

Falling Skies

Permanent Hiatus

Despite the Spielberg pedigree, this alien-invasion series’ first season was marred by unoriginal ideas, diminishing production values and second-rate writing and performances.


Permanent Hiatus

Look back, and share… the wonders we have seen.

Fashion Show

Permanent Hiatus



Permanent Hiatus

Even shirtless Facinelli couldn’t interest TWoP’s readership, so Fastlane will be making a bootlegger’s U-turn into Permanent Hiatus.

Fat March

Permanent Hiatus

Giving new meaning to the term “summer burn-off,” Fat March featured overweight Americans trying to make it from Boston to DC on foot — losing weight and getting in fights along the way, of course. We wish them luck, but TWoP’s weight-loss journey ends here.


Permanent Hiatus

Felicity moved to New York. Felicity hooked up with Noel. Felicity cut her hair. Felicity hooked up with Ben. Felicity graduated. Felicity got cancelled.


Permanent Hiatus

They can’t all be low-rated critical darlings that survive due to a devoted cult following. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy tread into sci-fi territory; the world at large responds, “Meh.” An inexplicably, illogically literal space-Western theme, plodding pacing, poor network management, and the Friday night time-slot of death all worked together to keep this show from taking off. Not even sexy Adam Baldwin (and sexy Nathan Fillion. And sexy Gina Torres. And sexy Sean Maher), could keep FOX from taking this horse out back and shooting it.



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