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Permanent Hiatus

Better than any of the previous incarnations (including the original film). Just wish more people read the recaps.

Party of Five

Permanent Hiatus

Everybody wanted to be closer to free. And now…they are. Well, they’re closer to being free of the FOX network, anyway. Kim recapped the last days of Party of Five, straight on to the series finale. Hasta la vista, Bailey.


Permanent Hiatus

What happens when you mix a trashy Aaron Spelling soap opera with a Todd Solondz movie? In Pasadena’s case, FOX sticks it on Friday nights when the show’s desired audience is elsewhere, yanks it after four episodes, and says it will return. But it didn’t. Did Catherine kill her high-school friend? Did Henry find his mother? Did Nate become a gay porn star? We’ll never get to see.

Person of Interest

Permanent Hiatus

Based on the producers’ pedigree and the presence of Ben Linus, we gave this CBS drama half a season before we had to admit that we (and most of our readers) just weren’t interested in any person on the show.

Pirate Master

Permanent Hiatus

Survivor plus pirates! What could go wrong? Just about everything, as it turns out. Dear Mark Burnett: get back to us when you’ve figured out a way to do Survivor plus zombies.

Platinum Hit

Permanent Hiatus

We were just as shocked as everyone else when America didn’t idolize a show fronted by Jewel and Kara DioGuardi.

Point Pleasant

Permanent Hiatus

Oh, come on. It was a show about Satan’s daughter, and it aired on the Fox network. Did you really think it was going to be genuinely good? We would have settled for some campy fun, but the writing was so poor that even that never materialized.

Political Animals

Permanent Hiatus

This soapy USA drama inspired by Bill and Hillary had a powerful cast, led by Sigourney Weaver, but failed to win many votes from viewers.


Permanent Hiatus

The first year, when they were Eden’s Crush? Five of you cared. By the second season, the world had closed their eyes in shame. Pamie was forced to watch all footage while strapped in that machine from A Clockwork Orange.


Permanent Hiatus

Popular was a Trojan horse for Television Without Pity, so to speak. We added the show thinking that this feeble-looking high-school drama about Sam — a brainy brown-haired teenage girl — becoming the stepsister of Brooke — the blonde homecoming queen and Sam’s symbolic nemesis — would provide a plethora of snark material. We were right — there was a lot to complain about — but there were also unexpected moments of camp brilliance that forced us to respect it. The characters of Mary Cherry (a prophecy of Lizzie Grubman in the guise of a ruthlessly ambitious Texan oil-money cheerleader) and Nicole Julian (the second most popular girl in school who tried harder…much harder) made this the gayest hour on television. Unfortunately, network interference made the series virtually unwatchable through its second season and, despite some brilliant moments toward the very end, it was cancelled after a confusing cliffhanger ending.

Pretty Little Liars


Prison Break

Permanent Hiatus

Free at last, free at last, thank Fox Almighty we are free at last.

Private Practice

Permanent Hiatus

Guess practice doesn’t really make perfect.


Project Runway



Push, Nevada

Permanent Hiatus

Man, did ABC take a bath in this one or what? First they bankroll Ben Affleck and the Afflecktones to produce a show about an IRS Agent investigating a fax. Then they tell the press that they’ll keep this quirky, Twin Peaks-esque think piece on the air…even if it finishes third! Then it finishes a hundredth. Then they offer audiences a million dollars to watch it. Then they get cancelled before they hand out enough clues to give away the money and have to air its lame-duck, lame-ass self until the end of October. Relive the first axed show of Fall ’02 here, in all seven of its glorious weeks of Jim Prufrock and his adventures in the desert.

Pushing Daisies

Permanent Hiatus

A slice of heaven.

Queer as Folk U.K.

Permanent Hiatus

We laughed, we cried, we suffered through copious Doctor Who references. But the saga of Stuart and Vince — and all the hangers-on — only lasted for ten precious episodes. As a consolation gift, we give you Della Femina’s recaps, so you can relive all the drama, all the comedy, and all the fashion faux pas.

Queer as Folk U.S.

Permanent Hiatus

The gayest show on television. Michael, Brian, Emmett, Ted, and Justin didn’t just have sex with anything with a penis — they made bad jokes while they did it. Watch one show go from one of the best things on television to the worst gay porn soap that’s ever burned our retinas. We’ll miss those boys (and aren’t there two lesbians around there somewhere? The ones with the invisible kid?), but not enough to allow ourselves to be CowLip’s bitch. Enough is enough, dammit.


Permanent Hiatus




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