Show Status Notes

New Girl


Permanent Hiatus

Take a C-list Britney and her D-list husband and follow them around with cameras during their first year of wedded bliss. Sounds like a desperate move by MTV to recapture the faded Osbournes glory — and by Jessica Simpson to somehow revive her career once the world got to see what an empty-head she was. And somehow, it worked. The show rocketed past Ozzy and crew in terms of ratings, and Jessica Simpson’s languishing solo album somehow shot up the charts and landed her a sitcom. Even hubby Nick Lachey Hoovered up some of the fame residue by both tagging along with Jessica on SNL and onto their own ABC Variety show — and then somehow landing on a comedy pilot. But through it all, TWoP said, “Eh.”



Night Stalker

Permanent Hiatus

This remake of another show with the same name, about a reporter searching for answers to his wife’s murder, was too inferior to even snark on, as proved by our incredible lack of interest. Even the prettiness of Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union wasn’t enough to keep it on the roster for more than one episode. Better luck next time, Stu.


Permanent Hiatus

Cherchez la femme ailleurs.

No Ordinary Family

Permanent Hiatus

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did this better 50 years ago.

Now and Again

Permanent Hiatus

Okay, this one was our bad. Alex Richmond wrote the hell out of her recaps, but the Television Without Pity readership just couldn’t bring itself to care. Before the show had broadcast its season finale, Now and Again was yanked from the site.


Permanent Hiatus

Just didn’t add up. (D’oh.)

Nurse Jackie

Permanent Hiatus

“Now the drugs don’t work / They just make you worse / But I know I’ll see your face again…”

NYC Prep

Permanent Hiatus



Permanent Hiatus

The show’s got grit, as every television journalist in America has said ad nauseam. But maybe we came along too late — in season seven — for the recaps to light a fire under anyone’s (naked) ass. Or, maybe the show just really started sucking hard — during season eight, when David Milch left, and Stephen Bochco came in to open his Pandora’s Box of Gritty Clichés — and people stopped caring. People including, but not limited to, Alex Richmond.

Off the Map

Permanent Hiatus

Well, if nothing else, this weak-sauce Shonda Rhimes-produced show at least made us appreciate Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice more than we had in years.

On The Lot

Permanent Hiatus

No one could have predicted that, when reality-TV phenom Mark Burnett teamed up with Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg to produce a reality show about making movies, it would land with a dull, wet thud. Frankly, we blame that crappy girl host. Which one? Exactly.

Once and Again

Permanent Hiatus

Lily, Rick, and their respective broods have weathered a lot of storms: divorce, remarriage, blending families, professional disgrace, sibling rivalry, unplanned pregnancies, unrequited crushes, an eating disorder, a drug habit, sexual uncertainty, and a nearly fatal car accident, to name but a few. Sadly, they could not survive dismal ratings and a mysteriously shifting time slot. After three seasons of navel-gazing, heart-wrenching goodness, we bid the Mannings, Sammlers, and their extended clans a fond farewell.

Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Permanent Hiatus

Which pill makes us forget we ever watched this show?

One Tree Hill

Permanent Hiatus

While the Tree Hill Ravens will live on to play another game, the Chad has most certainly dunked his last b-ball on TWoP. The hot boys, the drama, the Woda, and the massive father issues just weren’t enough the keep the balls flying for this show. So, the last game of the season kicked it up on the courts, but OTH on TWoP is just plain old played out.

Orange Is the New Black


Orphan Black


Permanent Hiatus

This show was many things in its lifetime — gritty prison drama, soap opera, even soft (ha!) porn. You ogled Ryan O’Reily, Miguel Alvarez, and Chris Keller for six seasons, but HBO finally shut the doors on this series in March 2003. And now, several months later, after sending six recappers to the Hole, TWoP sticks a shank in this show, because it is done.



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