Show Status Notes

Walking Dead


Warehouse 13


Permanent Hiatus

Jesse, Russell, Vandy, Dawnie and Sam slurred Southern syllables and captured a nation’s interest and heart for three glorious weeks in 1999. Or something.


Permanent Hiatus

“Everybody’s smoking and no one’s getting high.”

West Wing

Permanent Hiatus

It was a show about a fictional Presidency that was far superior to any of the actual ones it matched up against. President Bartlet and his motley staff were fair, just, commanding, and comedic at just the right spots. But as you might expect of a show about the President, the term eventually had to end. (Curse that pesky 22nd Amendment!) When it came time to elect someone new, NBC finally realized it should quit while it was ahead, and impeached the show. Relive the seven seasons of glory here.


Permanent Hiatus

It was an unambitious summer replacement show, an ensemble drama about a bunch of jerks who collected a huge payoff in the state lottery. But we say the real winners are the ones who gave up on it after four episodes. Like we did.

Wolf Lake

Permanent Hiatus

Lou Diamond Phillips’s waxed pecs worked very hard, Scott Bairstow and Max Wasilewski were very sexy, and young people thoughtfully got naked, but it turns out nothing can save a show that is, was, and always will be Very, Very Bad. One of its top dogs (one of many who came and went) called it “The Sopranos, but with wolves.” He will never, ever live that down. Relive the five glorious episodes of Wolf Lake, complete with lupine politics, nature footage, glowing eyes, and awful dialogue; you’ll understand why CBS and TWoP cancelled the shit out of it.


Permanent Hiatus

“Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey. Hello, my cancelled show.” The world isn’t big enough for two shows about disgruntled teens who obey the voices telling them to do things. This midseason replacement didn’t even get a chance. That’s what happens when you go up against God.


Permanent Hiatus

Savaged in the ratings by ER, railed against by mental-health advocates, Peter Berg’s psychiatric-hospital melodrama got the heave after only two episodes. You blinked, you missed ‘em — but we’ve got ‘em right here.

Work of Art

Permanent Hiatus

The first season was better than anyone (particularly in the art community) expected, but it still wasn’t museum-worthy.

Worst Week

WWF Smackdown

Permanent Hiatus

Like a victim of a Stone Cold Stunner, like a recipient of a Pedigree, like a prone body being given The People’s Elbow, WWF Smackdown! is no more. The WWF lives on as the WWE, probably forever, but the recaps come to an end.



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