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Permanent Hiatus

It was almost worth sitting through two badly written, laughably acted, terribly CGI’d seasons just to see Elizabeth Mitchell’s annoying son Tyler get brutally murdered. Almost.

Valentine's Day

Vampire Diaries



Permanent Hiatus

Great pedigree, solid premise, decent cast… if only it had been made for cable instead of watered down for CBS.

Veronica Mars

Permanent Hiatus

It was a show about a cute little blonde spitfire who fought the forces of evil. No — the other one. Despite brutally low ratings, our girl Veronica hung in there for almost three whole seasons. And hey, now she’s in the FBI, so maybe she’ll pop up again on, like, Without A Trace someday. (Or maybe not.)

Viva Laughlin

Permanent Hiatus

For those who thought Cop Rock was a good idea.



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