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Queer as Folk U.K.

Permanent Hiatus

We laughed, we cried, we suffered through copious Doctor Who references. But the saga of Stuart and Vince — and all the hangers-on — only lasted for ten precious episodes. As a consolation gift, we give you Della Femina’s recaps, so you can relive all the drama, all the comedy, and all the fashion faux pas.

Queer as Folk U.S.

Permanent Hiatus

The gayest show on television. Michael, Brian, Emmett, Ted, and Justin didn’t just have sex with anything with a penis — they made bad jokes while they did it. Watch one show go from one of the best things on television to the worst gay porn soap that’s ever burned our retinas. We’ll miss those boys (and aren’t there two lesbians around there somewhere? The ones with the invisible kid?), but not enough to allow ourselves to be CowLip’s bitch. Enough is enough, dammit.



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