Show Status Notes

Game of Thrones


Gary Unmarried

Generation Kill

Permanent Hiatus

Unlike the war that was its subject, this David Simon-produced HBO miniseries had a singular vision, a clear purpose and — most importantly — an end date.

Get Real

Permanent Hiatus

For one brief, shining moment, the miraculous Green Centres of the Universe made our world a better place to live, and all of us, better people. Except Pamie, who increased her consumption of Coronas and cigarettes just to get through it.

Gideon's Crossing

Permanent Hiatus

Sometimes quality actors get together with quality writers and quality directors and make a quality show. And yet, it still lacks that certain something. Watching it is like taking medicine — you know it’s good for you, but sometimes you can’t bring yourself to choke it down. This hospital drama lingered on for awhile, but TWoP decided it was time for euthanasia.

Gilmore Girls

Permanent Hiatus

They drank a lot of coffee. They talked a million miles a minute. They laughed, they loved, they made it one season on The CW, and then Lorelai and Rory went to the big Stars Hollow Ice Cream And Clothespin Doll Festival in the sky.


Girls Club

Permanent Hiatus

The sharks are nipping at David E. Kelley’s feet. Faster than you can say “Snoops,” FOX cancelled DEK’s latest foray into the life of the female lawyer, which featured the usual slate of gynecological tomfoolery and very pretty, very annoying girls. But if the grim day comes when you miss Gretchen Mol’s work…well, her atrocities on this show live forever on TWoP. And also, you need therapy.



Glee Project

Permanent Hiatus

Glory Days

Permanent Hiatus

Kevin Williamson described his bizarro Dawson’s Creek/Scream franchise hybrid show as “sort of like a funny Northern Exposure.” Except with killer clowns instead of moose. And, instead of snow, there were people getting bludgeoned, drowned, exsanguinated, stabbed, shot, harpooned, and flattened by pianos. You figure it out.

Gossip Girl

Permanent Hiatus

The show started good and ended well, and somewhere along the way it was no longer necessary to really care. But that old feeling, that welling feeling behind the eyes that gave these kids their power once upon a time, that will always exist.



Great American Road Trip

Permanent Hiatus

It actually made us nostalgic for The Amazing Race: Family Edition and that’s saying a lot.

Grey's Anatomy


Grosse Pointe

Permanent Hiatus

The show within a show within a show within an enigma finally wound up in the rubbish bin, thanks to the idiots-that-be at the WB; you know, those guys who lose Buffy but manage to HANG ONTO NIKKI! Methinks that all those little not-so-subtle pokes at the WB hit home much harder than anyone thought they would. Or maybe a witty, smart, hilarious show about the behind-the-scenes hoots and hijinks of teen drama stars just didn’t appeal to the WB suits. Yeah, that’s it.



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