Show Status Notes

Falling Skies

Permanent Hiatus

Despite the Spielberg pedigree, this alien-invasion series’ first season was marred by unoriginal ideas, diminishing production values and second-rate writing and performances.


Permanent Hiatus

Look back, and share… the wonders we have seen.

Fashion Show

Permanent Hiatus



Permanent Hiatus

Even shirtless Facinelli couldn’t interest TWoP’s readership, so Fastlane will be making a bootlegger’s U-turn into Permanent Hiatus.

Fat March

Permanent Hiatus

Giving new meaning to the term “summer burn-off,” Fat March featured overweight Americans trying to make it from Boston to DC on foot — losing weight and getting in fights along the way, of course. We wish them luck, but TWoP’s weight-loss journey ends here.


Permanent Hiatus

Felicity moved to New York. Felicity hooked up with Noel. Felicity cut her hair. Felicity hooked up with Ben. Felicity graduated. Felicity got cancelled.


Permanent Hiatus

They can’t all be low-rated critical darlings that survive due to a devoted cult following. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy tread into sci-fi territory; the world at large responds, “Meh.” An inexplicably, illogically literal space-Western theme, plodding pacing, poor network management, and the Friday night time-slot of death all worked together to keep this show from taking off. Not even sexy Adam Baldwin (and sexy Nathan Fillion. And sexy Gina Torres. And sexy Sean Maher), could keep FOX from taking this horse out back and shooting it.

First Years

Permanent Hiatus

Faster than you can say “affidavit,” NBC bowed to pathetic ratings — and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to watch reruns rather than this twaddle? — after three measly airings. They even sacrificed upcoming episodes featuring Robert Urich and Pat “Mr. Miyagi” Morita! Bummer.


Permanent Hiatus

This twisty sci-fi drama desperately wanted to be “the next Lost.” Its first mistake: trying to be the next Lost instead of the first FlashForward. Producers openly discussed their two-year and five-year plans; too bad they apparently didn’t have a one-year plan.

Fraternity Life

Permanent Hiatus

When MTV first broadcast Sorority Life, the show begged for treatment from TWoP. When MTV tasted victory with the show, they hastily threw together Fraternity Life. The show blew hefty chunks of weenie. Frat boys worldwide are mourning the loss of this show from the active roster. But soon they’ll be back to slipping roofies to young women and dry-humping them until they pass out from alcohol poisoning.

Freaks & Geeks

Permanent Hiatus

Set in high school suburbia in 1981, this show was a critical success before it ever aired — and deservedly so. But NBC’s whimsical scheduling made sure that it never stood a chance.


Permanent Hiatus

Before the pilot even aired, there was revamping. That’s always a bad sign. The creators disavowed it. It got pulled for sweeps. This is the story of a show that really just wasn’t very good. Hey, it happens.

Friday Night Lights

Permanent Hiatus

With its clear eyes and full hearts, this critically acclaimed series couldn’t lose — except with the majority of TV viewers, who stubbornly remained immune to its incredible performances, characterizations and storylines. Their loss. Texas forever.


Permanent Hiatus

In an alternate universe, we’re watching five more seasons of this show while riding around on zeppelins.



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