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You Again

Los Angeles again, and Ashly Williams, 24, comes out on stage dressed like she's 16. In 1988. The judges interview her a little bit, and when Simon asks her to share something interesting about herself, we're suddenly back in the line outside with her earlier as she tells another hopeful about the impending birthday of her late mother. Who was murdered when Ashley was 14. So that's… bad, and I can't imagine the cheesy editing and the mournful Sarah McLachlan song is helping. Back onstage, after Simon asks her what's interesting about her, Ashly doesn't milk it like most people would, so now I'm on her side. Fortunately her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" makes it easy to stay there. Despite how emotional it is, it's mature and in control and she's got a nice smoky voice. She also nails the key change, which is nice, and saves the runs for the very end, which is nicer. The crowd loves her and even all four judges join the standing ovation. They're all blown away, and Simon tells her that talent like hers is the reason they brought the show to America. After she gets all four unreserved yeses, her eight family members rush out from backstage. So that worked out well.

And then we're out with the same preview clips we've been seeing every night so far. "Aaah/aaaaaah/aaaaah/ohhhh/aaaaaah!"

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