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Previously: Someone (Sarah Jessica Parker, I'm looking at you) decided the way to find a great artist was through reality TV. All the great artists of the world cried and/or rolled over in their graves. Miles won. Amanda was sent packing. There are still 13 of them competing for some money and a show at the Brooklyn Art Museum (which angry readers have informed me is TOTALLY A BIG DEAL!). So, okay, whatever. I'm obviously ignorant about both art and New York. The women get ready in the morning and bond. Sort of. Basically, Nao is ready to come back from her place in the bottom last week. She interviews that the rest of the artists are "children." In the guys' room, Miles can't sleep because his OCD is getting in the way. He doesn't think having immunity matters. Erik wants to bust ass this week, since he was in the bottom three last time.

China and Simon greet them in the workroom, apparently so China can reintroduce Simon, who takes them on a walk to tell them about their next challenge. They walk through the streets of New York. Miles yawns a lot. They walk until they find a big red garage door. Behind it is a huge pile of electronics: VCRs, TVs, video game systems, fans, and all other types of used junk. Miles interviews that his OCD makes him want to organize it all by date and color. Hee. Simon introduces this week's guest judge, mixed-media sculptor Jon Kessler. Abdi tells us Jon is "the man." That's high artistic praise. So, the challenge is to make a three-dimensional sculpture from the used electronics graveyard. Jaime Lynn (whose first name I spelled wrong last week; I want to blame the show for getting it wrong the first time, but it was probably me) does not think that's good, since she's a painter. But Trong's happy about it. They have 30 minutes to dig through the electronics and then $100 to spend at a hardware store. And a few days to work. More than "usual," which is weird since it's a brand new show.

Their 30 minutes starts, and they dig and dig and dig through the junk. Nicole finds a huge classic television and knows what she wants to do. Judith is attracted to tubes, wires and colorful and shiny objects. Miles literally goes and sleeps in a corner, which John think is ridiculous. Miles interviews about how important conceptual art is, so he decided to make a piece about sleeping. Hardware store: Miles orders concrete. He tells us he was selling clothes at a consignment store to make money before coming here. Peregrine is really at home in hardware stores and with makeup. I'm not sure what that means. Abdi's buying spray foam and plaster to make two half-human/half-machine figures. Nicole buys wood, and says she loves this kind of work. Jaclyn's a traditional painter so she has a good idea but is nervous about the execution.

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