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Previously: Well, there was a lot of product placement, and then Jaime Lynn sadly got sent away. Also, Erik turned into a bit of an ass, and Jaclyn's a phony and either a slut or a prude; it's hard to tell. Erik and Mark talk about what's what: Erik thinks he has more incentive to win than anyone because he has less to go home to. Mark thinks he (Mark) can win, and he just has to keep his eye on the prize. Have you noticed how everyone on this show loves nothing more than talking about themselves? China Chow greets the artists when they arrive at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's LentSpace. Wow, that's a mouthful. She has with her their guest judge, Yvonne Force Villareal, co-founder of Art Production Fund. Yvonne tells them what she thinks is important about public art: bringing important messages to the public, and making something inspired by the site.

The challenge, then, is to create their own art installation project here in LentSpace. They get a full two days (artists say: yay!), but they have to work in two teams (artists say: boo!). They split up by picking colored paint tubes. Blue Team: Jaclyn, Erik, Miles, Peregrine. Red Team: Ryan, Mark, Nicole, Abdi. They get fifteen minutes to explore the site before going to the studio to each pitch a vision to their team, who will decide which one to go with. The Blue Team, however, is talking about theirs here (it's mostly Miles with the ideas, of course), which is exactly the opposite of what China just told them to do. However, they all seem to be agreeing, so that's good. Miles thinks Erik will flourish in a group situation. Red Team's doing the same thing, with Nicole leading with her ideas. They all seem in agreement, too.

Back at the studio (which is stocked with all of the supplies they need, so no shopping is necessary), they get to work. Nicole explains that the Red Team is making a complicated geometric form you can sit on and lean on and look up at the sky. Abdi suggests making it moveable, and everyone's like, "Yeah!" Except Ryan, who's like, "This thing cannot be moveable," since it has to be "sit-on-able" and "sustainable, and not fall apart." Everyone: "Yeah!" What a fickle bunch. The Blue Team continues to talk about their idea, which I don't understand, but Jaclyn starts to hate it, because she thinks it looks like a tree house. Basically, she shoots down the one idea Erik's contributed, which is to add vines coming up from soil in the bottom. Jaclyn says that's a "silly" idea. Erik says he wants his design mark on this, and they're like, "It's a collaboration." Oh, and also, WE'RE HOPING TO THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS LATER.

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