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Nature Vs. Nudity

Previously: Miles told the judges that Mark wasn't creative, so they booted him. Because Miles is an art God. China cried about it, though, so we were supposed to think it was very sad. There are five left, and the winner will still get a show at Brooklyn Museum and $100,000.

The morning of their final pre-finale challenge, they all wake up and discuss whether Cap'n Crunch is a good dad. It doesn't matter. Miles says they're all stressed but pretending they're not, and he's going to try his best to do a "super-mega-duper-awesome job." And by "try his best," he most likely means that he'll ignore the rules of the challenge, fall asleep, and then wake up to throw someone else under the bus. That's how he rolls. As they're sitting around with their Deep Thoughts, Bill shows up to greet them. They're all super-excited, especially when Bill tells them there are cars downstairs, 'cause they're going out of town. And also: Dress warm.

Peregrine's super-excited, because she thinks they might be going to Sarah Jessica Parker's house. Abdi thinks he's been finishing in the bottom since he's lost all knowledge of what he wants as an artist. But he's been given another chance and is going to kick ass. They drive and drive in two cars until they get to a forest, where China's waiting to tell them there's a double elimination this week, since the finale's up next. Jaclyn interviews that she has no financial backing, so she needs to win this game more than anyone else. Except, you know, Ryan, who wasn't sure if his accounts were overdrawn while he was on the show. But who cares about that guy, right, Jaclyn? I mean, did he even ogle your naked body?! Anyway, China tells them their muse is going to be nature. Nicole literally jumps up and down and tells us how excited she is to get her hands dirty. They have all afternoon to explore the marsh, the sea, and the forest -- and they also have to incorporate raw materials from the forest into their art. Because Miles is there, she tells them they can't use anything rooted down or with a heartbeat.

Miles thinks Jaclyn's nervous because she's never been outside of New York City. Peregrine's just going to be honest with herself and respond to her memories of growing up on a commune in San Francisco. So she just gathers stuff. Abdi sits and frets, trying to get out of his funk and figure out how to get his groove back. Nicole grew up in the woods in Connecticut, hunting frogs and being a tomboy. She collects acorns, because they give life to things. Miles loves the woods, which are calming to him more than the city. He finds some fungus growing off a dead log. He likes the idea of something pretty forming off something dead. Sort of how he's used the eliminations of people he hates to blossom in the judges' eyes. Jaclyn hates being in the woods, because she can't do a photo of herself when she's wearing a coat and boots. You know... because she's, like, not naked at all. She gravitates to the water and collects some water. Abdi finds some cool gravel on the road, which he can incorporate more than something like tree branches.

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