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Thanks to Jacob for filling in last week, when two fools (Nao and John) were sent packing, after being tasked with making something shocking. Abdi was our winner, and he has immunity this week. Also, Erik and Jaclyn fought because she didn't give him credit for the brilliant idea he gave her. And, once again, we have a "parental discretion" warning, so maybe we'll get more scatological artwork. Dare I hope?

It's apparently very early in the morning when Simon shows up to wake up all the artists and gather them downstairs to present them with Audis to drive to 47th and Park. Their journey and destination will be the inspiration for their next work of art. They make small talk with their various co-passengers as they drive. It's as boring as you'd think.

They arrive at the Audi Forum, where China tells them their challenge to use this journey through New York to create their art. Ryan's annoyed at himself for not paying attention in the car. They have a half-hour to come up with their ideas, so everyone walks around and looks at Audis while Miles decides this is overstimulating and takes a nap. Erik has a hard time to relating to him. Ryan didn't pay attention on the drive, so he takes pictures of himself in a car. Jaclyn takes pictures of men walking by, trying to catch them looking at her. Jaime Lynn wants to work with a circle, inspired by the wheel driving through Manhattan. Miles wakes up and decides to create the opposite of everything in the Audi Forum, so it will be really simple.

Art store. Mark buys canvases and paint (so not doing his usual photograph). Jaclyn thinks it's important people see this is something she loves and that she takes seriously. Ryan buys a bunch of stuff, but still has no idea what he's going to do. Back at the studio, Ryan notices Nicole and Miles are flirting. He says they're a really cute couple -- "a match made in Urban Outfitters heaven." Erik has made a lot of dark stuff, so is planning to make something light for his girlfriend, who's been there with him through everything. We see a picture, and she's pretty adorable. Mark's going to paint an aerial view of a map from above. He knows he has to go "balls to the wall" to finally get the win. Jaime Lynn is making pictures of herself dancing, which talks of her love of car dancing. In other words, these people are just as self-absorbed and egotistical as ever. Ryan's still struggling, so Peregrine tells us he's the archetype of an art-school boy, all skinny and painter jeans but no ideas.

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