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Most Likely To Kill

Recapping a show that has already been cancelled is a bit anticlimactic. There's really no reason for me to point out what's working and not working, since there's no chance of improvement or status quo. There is no quo. No quo to go.


We open on some pink flamingos frozen on a lawn. Pan down to Darrin walking down his driveway, looking through mail. Jaye reminds him that they stop serving breakfast at 11. Darrin hands her the invitation to her high-school class reunion. The Rooster Class of '98 is getting together after six years. Darrin suggests that Jaye fill out a change of address form. Jaye knows that if she does that, they'll know where she lives. "Lots of people live in trailer parks," Darrin tells her, doing something confusing to the passenger seat of the car. "There's no shame in that." Jaye says she's not ashamed, so Darrin tells her she shouldn't skip her ten-year reunion. Jaye says that it's only a six-and-a-half-year reunion, and that she doesn't miss any of those people yet: "I don't think that's a problem time can solve." Darrin is livid to see that his recycling bin is overturned. "Do you have any idea how much those sanitation jokers make in a year?" Darrin bellows, getting out of the car to clean up the mess. "A lot?" Jaye wagers. Darrin walks over to the bins, complaining that they should have a little pride in their work: "This is just sloppy!" As Darrin begins wheeling the bins back toward the house, Jaye points out that this is just garbage. Darrin tells Jaye that Sharon really enjoyed her high-school reunion. "Sharon also enjoyed 4H," says Jaye, tossing her invitation into the recycling bin.

Darrin continues on toward the house as Jaye flips through her catalog. Suddenly, one of the pink flamingos moves its head. Jaye widens her eyes as the music becomes mystical. Jaye makes a constipated face. Darrin fills the passenger window. "Hate to see you miss out. That's all," he says. Jaye says she'll wear her Wonderfalls smock, since it already has her name stitched on it. "Don't denigrate what you do!" says Darrin, with pointed finger. Jaye smirks: "I sell plastic canoes and refrigerator magnets." Darrin sets his jaw and gives a slight nod, agreeing with his daughter, before he concludes, "It's only temporary." Darrin heads back to the other bins as Jaye goes back to her catalog. Then the pink flamingo sasses to Jaye, "Get off your ass!" Jaye says, "He's fine!" She checks with Darrin to make sure. Darrin says he just has a couple more bins to go. "See? He's managing," Jaye brats to the flamingo. My dad would have had me, my sister, and any other person under sixteen lugging those bins back to the house while he went through the mail. The flamingo takes a moment to kind of blink in sort of slow motion. Jaye reads. "Just...get off your ass," the flamingo says again. Jaye says she's not listening, and rolls up her window. Darrin walks past to the bins again. Jaye sees the flamingoes (is it "es" or just "s"? My spellcheck likes both of them) walking into the driver's side of the car. Darrin is babbling in the background about the service industry as Jaye shoos the birds out of the car and closes the door. As she settles back, she unknowingly knocks the car out of Park. Then she reads her catalog as the car begins to roll backwards. Jaye can't seem to get into the driver's side fast enough to apply the brake, nor does this car come equipped with an emergency brake, so the car rolls off-screen, where we hear Darrin ad-lib many lines and then improvise some pained noises as a Foley artist goes wild, even tossing in a few metal trash-can sounds, even though their bins were plastic. Close-up on a flamingo. Wacky!

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