There And Gone Again

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Despite being a multimillionaire, Damien starts out the episode doing what any kid his age would be doing: lying on the floor, listening to his iPod, and reading a magazine. Aside from the hotel suite in which he's doing it, he could be any average teenager. Until, of course, his Russian underwear-model wife stands over him and announces, "Woman on TV say you stole from her." Damien reacts incredulously because he hasn't stolen anything in days.

Looks like we're picking up right where we left off. Frankie goes down to the living room, where Addie is "busy" getting a mani-pedi in her easy chair. Frankie's on her cell phone as she asks her mom whether they know Sunny, the chick who's claiming that Kimberly's share of the lottery winnings is actually hers. Addie does: "She always brings deviled eggs and flirts with every man in the room." Frankie turns on the TV, which is currently playing the crap-ass newscast from last episode. Frankie watches Addie watch the TV like this is her mom's fault or something. All Addie says is, "Oh, my God. What a --"

"Nightmare!" Maggie pronounces. She and Addie are walking around town together with unnecessarily small coffees in their hands. Also, they're in regular paper cups, when any self-respecting lottery winner would have the barista make their coffee in one of those nine-dollar go-cups, which they would pay for, take with them, and then throw away like the rest of us throw away the paper ones. Let's hope those coffees are at least, like Oreo-pecan-cluster-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-flavored or something. Maggie remarks of Sunny, "She does play. The thing about her is --"

"She could be telling the truth," Peter remarks to Maggie, who is now over at Peter and Nina's house. Nina insists that Sunny's lying, but Peter's not convinced, either because he is stupid or because this show needs to manufacture drama wherever possible. I'm prepared to split the difference. Peter says, "Either way, it's --"

"Complicated," Beth tells Peter, as she leads him through her and Cameron's house. "Frankly," she non-segues, "we've got bigger problems." To wit, they've just reached the living room, where Cameron is vainly (more vain than usual, I mean) trying to calm down a screeching tot. Peter is struck not only speechless, but expressionless. "My reaction exactly," Beth remarks.

And because that was already way too long for a show like Windfall to keep it up with the fancy editing, Peter's back home with Nina, remarking that she doesn't seem surprised that Cameron's taken in a baby that could be his. Nina half-truths that Cameron mentioned it during his phone call to Paris, but they weren't ready to tell people yet. "Even your husband?" Peter asks, looking hurt. Nina's saved from having to respond by a knock at the door. It's Kimberly. "Kimberly?" Peter says. Doesn't miss a trick, that guy.

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