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Previously: Buddy Baxter pulled out the 25 percent funding that he had promised to Ripley Holden for his new casino The Viva, then was promptly killed. Buddy's wife and Ripley's former mistress, Bunny, suggested that Ripley might be the killer. I guess we're supposed to believe that maybe he did it too. Peter Carlyle, the police detective assigned to Buddy Baxter's murder, is focusing on Ripley's wife Natalie -- he thinks she'll have info about Ripley's whereabouts the night of the murder. He also wants to sing sweet love to her. Ripley won a million dollars at his rival Nicky Fontana's casino and was able to open The Viva.

Natalie picks up The Laughlin Nevada Times and finds, on the front page, an article entitled "Viva craps out" by Thomas Hoffarth, a name I find endlessly amusing. "Hoffarth" is funny. Now I'm gonna pose a question to all of you dear, tortured readers: Say you are making a TV program in any one of the past 25 or so years, and you have a moment where a piece of written word, whether it be a newspaper article, a theatre playbill, a menu, et cetera is used onscreen -- wouldn't you make sure that everything propagated the illusion that you, the maker of the TV program, were trying to create? Because, not only do we live in the era of DVR, we have already buried the storied era of the freaking VCR. WE CAN PAUSE IF WE WANT TO. Now, I'm not trying to be a total asshole and I know it's a small thing, but the article they flash to? Well, there are like three sentences about how The Viva opened two days earlier and should be named "The Crash and Burn" because that's how bad it is. Of course, nothing that describes why it's bad and, as a person who has only been to a few casinos and finds them all fairly uniform, it would be interesting to know what could really just fuck up a casino. After a short description of The Crash and Burn, the sentences that follow are from an entirely different article. This article. While I'm glad to have learned about the problems with maintaining the relevance of Laughlin high school athletics, it just bespeaks a kind of laziness or just plain stupidity that someone couldn't have created like three more sentences for the fake article. Instead, they spend their time thinking up gems like, "The heart is a tricky organ. Not only does it beat, it also falls. Sometimes in the wrong direction." Anyway, so no one has spoken yet and already this sucks.

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