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A large caption tells us we're in Tijuana, Mexico. Oh, good, I wouldn't want to be in the one in Utah. That one's not near as much fun. Some male teenager crosses the street holding a piñata, and then stops at a dumpster. It would be cool if Marissa were in there. She could have made the same trip she did last year, only with things not going as well. For her and her alone, that is. The dude takes a paper bag out of the piñata and nervously drops it into the dumpster, but then looks like he puts something else in the piñata. He then gets in a nearby car, in which sit Icetwin and Logan. Well, that is, Icetwin is sitting. Logan's more doubled over like he just got kicked in the nads. Which is funny, since I don't see Veronica anywhere nearby. Icetwin wonders why he had to hear Logan dry-heave for ages when all Unnamed Dude bought is a piñata. Unnamed Dude says it's the only souvenir he could find. They're going to be getting another souvenir soon, courtesy of Logan, and Icetwin is only too aware of that fact as he babbles about his dad's leather seats.

Cut to the border, where Logan has sobered up enough to make a joke about cavity searches. Have a shot on me, Logan. The border patrolman stops them for some small talk, and then asks them to hand over their contraband. Icetwin gives such a wide-eyed "Who, us?" look that I think he's channelling Rachel Green. (A long time ago, there used to be Friends.) The officer was just kidding, but Unnamed Dude looks like he wishes the term "bucket seats" were more literal.

Diner. Logan and Unnamed Dude (oh, his name's Luke. Deal with it) are arguing over which of them is more the wuss when it comes to girls. Considering Logan dated Lilly Kane and Paris Hilton, I don't think he needs to prove himself in that department. He may need antibiotics and a flea dip after the latter, but that's a whore of a different color. Icetwin returns from the bathroom, and the boys leave.

Outside, Logan continues to rib Luke, but Icetwin realizes that his car's missing, and starts freaking out a little bit. Logan suggests that maybe the car will reappear in a hundred years, like something out of Brigadoon. With that remark, Logan leaps to the forefront of potentially gay male characters on this show. And that would be cool, because it would mean that he probably stayed above Paris Hilton's equator. (Hey I didn't cast her. I just use what I'm given.) But seriously, Brigadoon? The last person I saw reference that on any screen was Simon Callow, and nutritional experts recommend his movie appearances as a good way to get your weekly allowance of fruit. Luke makes a big show of asking whether Icetwin locked the car. Hee. Luke is an amusing contrast to the other characters on the show. The contrast being that he's really not very bright.

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