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So as you probably know from last time, the show is not coming back for a fourth season. And as I said before, I will miss it rather a lot, although there are certainly arguments to be made on both sides of the cancellation issue. But it's time to say goodbye, and I, personally, don't want to do so with any resentment or bitterness. I've had my share of issues with some of the creative decisions made over the past couple of seasons, wherever they may have come from, but overall, Veronica Mars has been tremendously plotted and written, and I don't know that many programs will ever have a season that got people to the edge of their seats quite like the first one of this show. (Heroes, your awesome exception is noted.) So as part of my eulogy here, I'm going to use the ten act breaks over the two episodes to detail, in the order in which they appeared, ten moments that made me fall in love with Veronica Mars, the character (and by extension, the show). Ready? Neither am I, really, but here we go.

Man, it is jarring to see Capra looking so good back in "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough." Get better, dude!

Mac and Veronica are waiting on a Post Office-length line in the cafeteria as Veronica expresses the hope that Piz won't be moping for the rest of the year. So she's clued in to his mood since last episode. Considering that it took longer for her to figure out he liked her than it generally takes plastic to degrade, you have to admire her progress. She admits that if he didn't care, she'd probably be complaining: "To my girlfriend, while waiting to pay for frozen yogurt. I'm a girl!" I've seen the next episode, and I'll say this: not for long. Mac suggests that Veronica might possibly want to tell Piz that she, too, will be bummed when they're apart, and Veronica is quite taken with that simple idea. The chick talk, however, is interrupted when a blonde girl at the front of the line gets led away by campus security over some snafu with her payment.

Weevil's in with some Human Resources guy filing a workman's comp claim for his knee, which he says he injured moving a busted washing machine across campus. The guy is condescendingly wary with just a touch of racist, telling Weevil that a lot of people file these sort of claims to try to take deep-pockets Hearst for cash, but that he'll pass Weevil's claim on to the review board, and Weevil can expect a decision within the next month or so. Weevil, surely no fan of red tape at the best of times, asks what he's supposed to do until then. Well, dude, you could try stretching out your leg. It'll be therapeutic, especially if you happen to boot this guy in the face in the process.

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