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Before I get into it, a lot of people pointed out to me that when Wiedman asked to borrow Amelia's boyfriend's cell phone in the last episode, he was on the Loyola campus, right in the same spot where Veronica told Amelia that Koontz was being paid to take the fall for Lilly's murder. A big oversight on my part, but it can partially be explained by the fact that if, as Wiedman later stated, Veronica brought Amelia "to Neptune," it makes no sense that he could have beaten the Marses to Amelia's motel room, coming from L.A., where Loyola is. The other part of the explanation is that when these recaps get longer than twelve or thirteen pages, my eyes start to glaze over. If I get to that point this week, I promise to drink some extra coffee. And maybe even borrow Veronica's taser.

Oh, one other thing: I didn't take the time to find the relevant recap last week, but it was indeed Demian who dubbed Ken Marino "Gonzo the Chinless Wonder" right here. Just another example of his brilliance.

Mars porch. Veronica and Deputy Leo are checking each other to make sure no one's absconded with their tonsils. It's nice that they can do things like that as a couple. In profile, Deputy Leo's hair looks a lot like Elvis's. Which is appropriate, as he's soon going to be taking up residence at the Heartbreak Hotel. Leo asks when he's going to be invited into the Mars apartment, as he wants "a really good long look at your bedroom ceiling." For those of you who thought that was inappropriate, at least he didn't say anything about Veronica taking a good long look at the floor. Veronica notes that college girls must be easy, and Leo marbles that this is his A material. "They swoon." Yes, but whether they regain consciousness is the relevant question. Veronica says her dad's home, as she saw his car. She probably also heard his rifle being cocked, but she keeps that to herself. Leo asks, "He's cool with us, right?" Veronica says he has made a couple of comments about the "29-month age difference." I wonder what his handle on the boards is. Veronica says that on the other hand, Keith likes the fact that Leo carries a gun. And I'm thinking after their little hot and heavy lip-lock, he's carrying a spare at the moment. Veronica says that sleepover bad, Leo good, and that satisfies Leo, who says he'll call her tomorrow. He'll be calling her something soon, but I don't think that's what he means. He leaves.

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