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See what you've done, Veronica Mars? You've crafted an episode so terrible that you've run off your regular recapper! No, that's not true. But back in January when Couch Baron and I decided we'd end up swapping recaps in the hopes of staving off the cabin fever that tends to develop around this point in the TV season, who could have known that I'd end up having to recap the only episode in this entire series run that I've ever considered to be bad? That includes "One Angry Veronica" and Beaver as the killer and even "Inca Mummy Girl". Wait, wrong show. Regardless, I had to sub in for the only episode of this show I have ever not liked. Meanwhile, Couch Baron gets to kiss Chris Richardson goodbye? What a total rip-off. [At least you saved some money on Kleenex, there. -- Couch Baron]

Anyway, previously on The Veronica Mars Cancellation Watch III: Curse Those Pussycat Dolls: Keith became sheriff after Lamb's shoddy police work finally ended up biting him in the ass. He's being a dickhead to Jesus now. Mac ended up getting her frigid little swerve on with Bronson. Piz remained smitten with Veronica, while Veronica remained steadfastly dedicated to not getting it. And Logan got all hangdoggy as he told Veronica he was planning on asking Parker out. Aw. Shut up, Logan.

Speak of the antisocial sad-sack, here's Logan now. He's in the Hearst dining hall buying coffee, and when he spots Veronica at the back of the line, he buys her a cup as well, because when being completely and utterly whipped is what's working for you, why change course? They banter for a bit about class -- Logan's going through one of his "good student" phases, while Veronica's taking a class called Violence In Early Adolescence, which will come in handy in a bit -- until Logan mentions that he's throwing a birthday party for Parker. Ah, so some time has passed and they're a bit beyond making googly eyes over coffee. Logan says he's been watching My Super Sweet Sixteen for research purposes, and along those lines, does Veronica know where he can find some eunuchs? Rather than pointing him toward the previous fifteen episodes this season and telling him to find the guy who looks an awful lot like himself, Veronica just says that she can make some calls. And I kid, but I should also mention that the near-imperceptible way Logan steels himself before bringing up Parker to Veronica is a real nice touch, and it reminds me that for all the other hangdog bullshit, Dohring can really bring it. He tells Veronica that Parker would really like it if she showed up to the party. "We both would," he quickly amends, then tells her to think about it and walks off before she can muster a response.

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