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Okay, before I get into it, let me just tell you that at our recapper's summit in 2003, Glark designed shirts that said "The Wrath Of Con" with "Con" written a total of three times, and a picture of Shatner on the front. So this episode title is a huge shout-out to him, even though he totally won't care, and probably won't even know unless Wing tells him. Hee.

Previouslies: Buckle up, because it sure looks like Lilly Kane's in this one.

Icetwin and Veronica are macking outside her door. They both seem really happy, and she looks really, really pretty. Man, I'd better take a minute and remember what site I write for again. I feel like my snark level's gone way down since The Mountain got canceled. I'd do a practice recap to get it back, if not for all the Oliver Hudson. After several false starts, Icetwin turns to go, but says that if they were the type of people who attended those sorts of things, he'd ask her to the Homecoming Dance. Veronica just smiles at him and goes into the house. Icetwin looks like he outsmarted himself. That doesn't sound too hard.

Inside, Veronica finds Keith reading on the couch, and asks what he thought of Icetwin. Keith doesn't seem like he even noticed her come in. She doesn't buy his blasé attitude, but eventually heads for her room. He calls after her that he forgot something: "If he's gonna be kissing my daughter on my front porch for eight and a half minutes, I'll need to meet him. Sweet dreams, honey." Hee. Veronica asks if that's necessary, but Keith counters that Icetwin is taking up a lot of "daddy-daughter time." I think some people were squicked out by that line because it's just super-smurfy, while others were reminded of the possibly inappropriate proximity that father and daughter often seem to share. But really, can't we all just "ew" along? Veronica counters that she sees Keith all the time, but Keith complains that they never actually do anything. Well, if pretending he's the angry father of a knocked-up daughter isn't "daddy-daughter time," then what is? Er, don't answer that. No, really. No, really.

In her room, Veronica's beaming as she thinks about her new beau. She lies back on her bed, and her smile recedes a little as we hear Lilly Kane's voice cut in: "You bought your Homecoming dress without me?" (As was pointed out in the forums, the show has been inconsistent with where the Mars family was living before Lilly was killed. Veronica clearly told us they were living in a house, but this flashback, and also the one from Veronica's sixteenth birthday party, suggests they were living at the place they are now.) Veronica wonders what the problem is, but Lilly thinks Veronica is suppressing her "hotness," and that she doesn't have to blend in. Well, Lilly, you might be happy to know that that won't be a problem soon enough...oh, wait. This is a little embarrassing! Anyway, we don't get to see the dress in question for very long, but it does look way too "Daddy's Little Girl" for Veronica. Damn, I really didn't want to go there again. Lilly thinks Veronica is "strapless red satin." The forum posters agree. Veronica says that red satin won't so much be happening with the dance the next day, but Lilly informs her that the dance will occur very well without them, since they will be cruising around in a fully-stocked-courtesy-of-Logan limo. Man, I hope this show lasts, period, but I REALLY hope it lasts long enough for us to meet Logan's parents. Because, like many of you, Melrose Place and L.A. Law were viewing staples of mine in my younger days. And come to think of it, those shows weren't really very fundamentally different. Although if Jill Eikenberry had ripped off her wig, I might still be locked in a Psych ward somewhere. Where was I? Oh, Veronica's worried that he dad will find out and ground her, but Lilly tells her it'll be worth it, and that she'll remember the fun they have for the rest of her life. Well, if it's going to be that fun, let's get out the video camera! Veronica flashes back to the present, smile now absent.

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