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The Rob Thomas Interview, Part II

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So when we left off, I had just asked Rob if he would hear about the renewal decision in May. Here's what he had to say: Rob Thomas: Yeah, we'll definitely know by May. But a lot of writers and directors have been asking me to consider them for the second season. That doesn't exactly prove anything, but it doesn't really happen with dead shows either, you know? Couch Baron: Sure. Now I'd like to talk a little more about the pilot. I saw the unaired version of the pilot over the summer, and it looked pretty much the same as the one that aired in terms of casting. Even afterward, the only actor I saw changed was that Jake Kane wasn't originally played by Kyle Secor. RT: Well, that was just because Jake had no lines in the pilot, so it didn't make sense to pay Kyle Secor $50,000 for that episode. But yeah, other than that, the cast was the same. However, one other thing that really annoyed me about the script they went with was that they changed the very beginning. The original version of the pilot started at the motel with a voice-over that said "I'm never getting married, and I don't believe in love." You didn't know who was speaking, and then you saw it was this high-school girl. Then Weevil and the bikers pull up and ask about car trouble, and that's the end of the teaser. And then when the action starts at the high school, the caption reads "20 hours earlier." CB: I remember that. That opening voice-over would have been an interesting counterpoint to the one she does at the end of the episode about getting her family back together. RT: Yeah. I loved that beginning, but the network handed me a note that basically said that since the show is about high school, it should start in the high school. I was so mad. But they were sure that getting young people to watch would be too tough with the original pilot. CB: I bet if you took people who watch the show now and tested the two, they'd like your version better. RT: I think so too. And I was so pissed off, I actually wrote a terribly cheesy voice-over in the new script out of spite. CB: Heh. You sure you want this printed? RT: Well, barely. But the really funny thing is that that act of spite came back to haunt me. I took that line back out for the script we used, but a reviewer for the L.A. Times wrote a review of the show before I changed it, and he loved the show, but he singled that line out for criticism!

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