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JD: I guess so, man, because I don't know what to do if it's just a straightforward role. Those are my hardest scenes -- when Rob was directing the episode he did ["the upcoming 'Donut Run'" -- CB] there were a couple scenes I didn't know what to do, because they were so straightforward -- I don't know if it's a fault or not, but on every line, I'm looking for something to do. I think that's what makes a better actor -- who can make the most cool-looking shit. CB: Sure. You want to give the director and the editors as many choices -- as many good choices to work with as possible. JD: Yeah, exactly. And, I mean, it's art, too. What's enough, what's too much -- you can get too crazy, or too busy, which I think I've done, like some of that gesturing and stuff like that. It can be distracting. CB: Yeah, I think one of the few criticisms of your acting I've seen is that sometimes the hands go a little crazy. Is that your interpretation of Logan, or is it just trying to do so much as an actor? JD: Yeah, exactly. I think it's been [laughs] both. CB: A little more on the dark-type roles: obviously one reason you like them is that they're more interesting to you as an actor. But they must bring out so much more raw emotion in you; is that part of the process you enjoy? JD: I guess so. I like to feel that something's alive in acting, like something's really going on. CB: But do you ever finish up a tough scene and think to yourself, "Wow, that was really unpleasant!" That is, regardless of how you feel you did in your performance, are the emotions you have to bring up to achieve it sometimes a bad experience? JD: Well, it can kind of wear you out. But it never sticks with me, I guess -- I never feel like I want to go do something terrible. But it's like -- when we did the tie-up scene, we shot that from a lot of different angles -- it was tough. But whatever -- it's part of the job. CB: One more thing about the McVeigh role -- it must not be the most pleasant idea to be playing such a notorious figure. Are you taking any special steps to prepare for the role? JD: Well, they're still trying to put financing together for it, so it's not a total done deal yet. But there are definitely things to know about him: he was on crystal meth and he got very thin, and he carried his body in a weird way. Those are things I'll work on when the time comes.

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