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A few weeks ago, I got an email from a very nice woman named René Ridinger, who told me she'd been a big fan of TWoP for years. She also told me that she just happened to be the publicist for Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). Intrigued by where she could possibly be going with this, I kept reading. She very graciously offered me the opportunity to interview Jason, and after the holidays passed and I was able to find some time to put together some questions, Jason generously gave me about an hour and a half on one of his days off to produce the following. I certainly hope it will help rehabilitate his horrible image in the forums. Seriously, why don't you guys like him? Actually seriously, Jason thanked me for talking to him, and confessed to being nervous for this interview, because this one means a lot to him. As you'll see, he had little reason to worry. Couch Baron: You have a pair of twin brothers and a pair of twin sisters, if I'm not mistaken. Jason Dohring: That's right. Jon and Robert are twenty-two -- they go to Occidental College, and are basically the diving team over there. There aren't many divers on the team, but they usually finish first and second in all the dive meets, so they're pretty good. ["Jason's sisters, Kirsten and Kelsey, are eighteen." -- CB] CB: What was it like being the only non-twin in the family? JD: You know, I didn't know any different. It was great -- I have a really great family and I still live at home -- I have an apartment down in San Diego, but my wife and I kind of have a little part of the house in L.A. CB: Cool. You and your brothers and your sisters, I've read, all got into commercial acting at the same time -- being twins was your siblings' "in." JD: Yeah, that's right -- with young kids, you can only work them three hours per day, so with twins they could use one for three hours and then the other for three more hours. CB: And you went along for the ride. JD: That's right! CB: Do any of your brothers and sisters still act? JD: Not really. ["Irony!" -- CB] CB: So what was your first commercial? JD: I did a couple of American Express commercials. Those were my biggest ones, but I did Sharp Electronics, and then Shredded Wheat with the Smothers Brothers. I got to play yo-yos with them and do all kinds of fun stuff. I did commercials from when I was about eight until I was about twelve.

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