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Her Name Is Luka...
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I said it before, but: full-season order! Yay!

At night, Veronica is sitting on the steps to the upper level of her apartment complex, looking on at the lights flashing from the ambulance that's pulled up next to it. VMVO says that she looks back over the past week and wonders if things could have turned out differently. There's an election joke in there, but I think it's time to move on from that. After all, I'm a uniter, not a divider. (Hey, I can't strain the credibility of that expression any more than it has already been strained.) She adds, "If I hadn't met the girl. If I hadn't initiated the case. If I hadn't interfered, would tonight be just another dull, quiet night in our apartment complex?" Oh, Veronica. Don't you know that the nights that seem quiet in apartment complexes such as yours are the best ones for wig-ripping? (Lisa Rinna opened that door. It's going to be hard to close it again.) We see someone strapped to a gurney with his face covered. Now, I don't think this was supposed to be the fake-out it might seem on first viewing -- there's an IV bag, and the way the person is strapped in is clearly meant to immobilize the shoulder, so I think we're supplied with enough evidence that the person isn't dead. But it's still a little cheap for this show. And, as someone who gleefully makes Uranus jokes at the slightest provocation, I should know from cheap. A sad-looking Veronica's shooed out of the way by the paramedics as VMVO muses, "Is it my fault a horrible crime played out its final chapter here? Or was what happened inevitable?" Veronica and Keith exchange a long look. Veronica turns away first, and Keith celebrates his staring-contest victory into the opening credits.

At the apartment complex, Veronica's carrying a basket of laundry as a graphic informs us that it's one week earlier. Veronica greets the pool boy and gives him his SAG card. How generous our heroine is. She then greets a pretty pregnant redhead with a "Hey, neighbor." Pretty Preggers looks a little upset. She says something about a CD she borrowed, and when Veronica tells her she heard it playing the night before, Preggers realizes, "You can hear us fighting!" And at the revelation that she lives on the second floor, I would have to be a mature person not to dub her "Luka." Veronica asks her what the fight was about. She is obviously too young to remember the song. Luka, I should mention, is holding what looks like a large-scale version of the Taco Bell dog, and I have to opine that it's too bad this show doesn't occasionally descend into Twin Peaks-esque randomness. Because wouldn't you just love to see the dog tell Veronica to drop the chalupa. Luka tells Veronica that her journal is missing, and that she thinks her boyfriend "Andre" took it, because he suspected her of having a thing for her boss. Taco Perro barks, lightening the mood, and Veronica picks him up, calling him "Killer." She tells Luka that if he were her dog, she'd put him in a little sailor's outfit. Well, at least we know what happened to the original Backup. He was like, "Homey don't play that shit," and with good reason, too. Anyway, the restorative effects of dog barking are apparently temporary, as Luka looks upset again. She asks Veronica for a favor: She's getting some test results back from the doctor on Tuesday, and would Veronica give her a lift? Sure, Luka. And shall we stop at the social worker's before or after?

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