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...And She's Hella Pissed
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We pick up right where we left off, as Logan tells Veronica that there's a video floating around of her and Piz having sex. Veronica tries to hide behind the fact that she and Piz have actually only done Everything But, but of course that's not the point, and Logan produces a CD of the video. Which he burned before or after he beat Piz to a bloody pulp? Neither seems particularly likely, I'd have to say. Also, Logan running off half-cocked to take Piz on just makes his "I need to process things" speech to Parker seem even more bullshit, which is saying a lot. Veronica finally asks about the blood, and Logan confesses that he and Piz "kind of had it out," which is about as accurate as saying that you kind of drew pistols at dawn. You ambushed the kid, Logan, and I'm not saying I wouldn't understand the instinct in your shoes, but you'll forgive me if, in the last episode of the series, I'm not going to have much time for you to play spin doctor. Veronica cannot deal with any of this, especially with Keith still around, and shoos Logan out. Keith then appears and heads out, and when he's gone, Veronica pops in the CD...

...and then she's knocking on Piz's door when he appears in the hallway, half-carried by Wallace. He tells her she should see the other guy. "His hands, particularly -- I tore those things up." Heh, but that's not even true, kid. Logan's knuckles have hardened with time and lots of use.

Inside, Veronica ministers to Piz as Wallace expresses his anger, calling Logan's attack a "drive-by." Piz thinks this has to do with what happened on the beach: "I think he still likes you." At least we know he doesn't have a concussion. Veronica tells them about the video and asks Piz if it was his doing, with a little more conviction than she used with Weevil, but still far from her usual accusatory tone of this season. Piz asks if she really thinks he would do that, and her voice quavers a bit as she says no, but she just doesn't understand how it happened. Wallace is loaded for bear, and he starts to leave to talk to Logan, but Veronica firmly tells him she'll handle Logan...

...and then there's a knock on Logan's door. But it's Parker, who busts in and accuses Logan of still being in love with Veronica. Logan tries to dig himself out with platitudes about how things are complicated, but Parker had her mind made up before she entered the room, and she tearfully dumps him. On the one hand, this is maybe a little convenient -- I wouldn't have expected Parker's views on relationships to be quite this inflexible -- but on the other, Logan's an open book here, and he's clearly been mooning after Veronica ever since the Piz kiss, so this is probably for the best.

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