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Monkey See, Monkey Die

Later, Veronica is gamely talking to another guy. He asks her what she does for fun. Veronica: "I don't...really know." Hee. Veronica starts saying that her hobby is more like a job, but that it's fun sometimes. Unfortunately, she's already lost the jerky guy, who's staring at some other girl across the room. Veronica gets this look like "That's what I get for trying to talk to people." I know you don't want to hear many more words, Veronica, so I'll keep this short: indeed.

Mac's got headphones on and is reading when someone taps her on the shoulder. It's Parker, who's escorted Bronson in to see her. Mac's face lights up, and that's certainly both nice and overdue. Parker exits gracefully.

Later, Parker runs into Veronica, who reports the score: "Boys, zero. Me, zero." She declares her intention to turn in (I guess she's staying over), but Parker tells her that their room is off-limits at the moment, since Bronson showed up an hour earlier. Veronica cutely takes Parker's arm.

In Canada, Bronson is saying his goodbyes. After some environmentalist-related banter, he leans in for a kiss, but Mac pulls away. At least the geography is fitting. ["Really? I have heard from Europeans that Canadian girls have an international reputation for being kind of slutty." -- Wing Chun] Mac almost reflexively apologizes, but Bronson takes the rejection well enough. He's probably just happy that she didn't spit on him. When he's gone, Mac looks forlorn.

Beach. Dick and Logan have their surfboards, and Dick says that some waves and beer will be just what Logan needs. A voice calls to them, and...oh dear. I didn't want to have to do this, because I think David Tom has been really good as Chip, but the wetsuit pulled down to the waist is not the look for him. Frat boys may drink beer, David, but they also do bench presses as a general rule. I'm just saying. Logan suggests that they get with the surfing, but Dick takes time to note three girls going into the water. Chip opines that they didn't bring enough beer to make the girls hot. Yeah, I'm not sure you're the one they're checking out, Chip. Dominance displays aren't usually won by the guy with the biggest boobs.

Night. Mac, Parker, and Veronica are walking up a street, dressed up for a casual evening out, but Veronica and Parker each have an unwilling Mac by an arm. Heh. She exposits that Parker nabbed Bronson's driver's license when she playfully "checked his ID," which Parker says was creating an excuse for Mac to see him again. If Parker saw that far ahead, she's gotten to know Mac even better than I thought. As they march up to Bronson's door, Parker exhorts Mac to have some guts, and Veronica tells her that Bronson's "a regular vegan JFK looking for his Mac-kie-O." I'm going to go out on a limb and say that that line doesn't quite work. Anyway, they knock, and some hot girl answers the door, accompanied by wocka-wocka music. Bronson appears right after, with no apparent awkwardness, unlike the three girls facing him with such rigid facial expressions that you'd be forgiven for thinking Medusa answered the door. But Mac snaps out of it and hands Bronson his ID with a fake smile. She turns to go, but Parker subtly blocks her way, and Bronson invites them in, introducing them to "Amy," whom he claps on the shoulders in what actually is a pretty brotherly way. I'm surprised that they didn't figure out the real deal sooner, given Bronson's complete openness here. He shows them a letter from a cosmetics company, which says that the company is quitting animal testing due to PHAT's campaign. He then looks at Mac pretty adoringly, and asks where they're off to. Mac: "Club...Club. It's new." Heh. Mac goes off to get a glass of water, and Veronica, after another appraising look at Amy, sincerely congratulates Bronson.

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