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The girl from before happily surveys a bunch of rooms, appreciatively noting how much effort went into decorating them. She then stops in front of Mac's and Parker's closed door, which still has the piece of masking tape with "Mac" written on it, along with a new piece of tape that reads, "Canada." Heh. Warily, the girl opens the door, and asks them what about the completely undecorated room is evocative of Canada. Veronica points to a postcard of a moose, does some lame "aboot"-ing, and then plays my least favorite song in the entire world, "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies. She and Mac do commit to doing a dorky dance to it, which lets my will to live hang on by a thread. Actually, if that car campaign a few years ago that used that song didn't kill me, maybe nothing ever will. But if that's the price of immortality, I'd have to say: not worth it. Anyway: the girl, with some amusement, closes the door, and Parker asks why they're doing this all of a sudden. Veronica takes great pleasure in explaining to a giddy Parker what happened with Bronson, and Mac, trying to deflect the attention, says that maybe Piz will show up. Parker sighs that she's so over Piz, and speculates that maybe he has a girlfriend back home. Veronica goes all shifty-eyed for a second, but Parker plows on that she's ready to be wooed. She should call Taylor Hicks. I hear he's not too busy. Veronica says she supports Parker, but doesn't want to join in the manhunt. Parker, though, as you'd expect, gives Veronica a pep talk about what a catch she is. Veronica: "Are you saying we ought to...mingle?" Hee. Parker agrees that, verily, they should get back in the saddle.

Mingling, Canadian-style. People having a good time. People not having a good time, and by "people," I mean "Veronica." She's talking to a broody, dressed-in-black guy, who's whining about his ex-girlfriend or something. It's too bad about Bones, because a Boreanaz cameo would have been perfect here. Veronica spies Mac and can't get over to her fast enough. Mac says that she's bailing, though, and Veronica sadly realizes that Bronson didn't show. Veronica loudly announces that Canada is closing, citing "border-control issues." Hee. ["Canada's closing? It must be 8:30. I kid! It must be 6." -- Wing Chun] Mac smiles gratefully. Also, the horrible song is still playing, and even someone with my undying hatred of it has to admit that that's hilarious.

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