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Sometime later, Darla's friend with the assy hair catches Veronica and shows her the picture in the newspaper, telling her that she and Mac are in. He hands her a slip of paper and tells her to be at the address written on it at 3. Veronica looks at it and smiles...

...and then Darla lets Veronica and Mac into a room; Assy Hair is there as well. Darla says that they want Mac and Veronica to join their anti-fur campaign, and Assy Hair gives them each a sign, one reading "No" and the other reading "Fur." As Darla futzes with a camera on a tripod, she tells Mac and Veronica to go ahead and "take them off." Veronica asks what she means, but the subtle looks on her and Mac's faces indicate that, on some visceral level, they knows what Darla's talking about. But Assy Hair verbalizes it: "Your clothes. For the calendar." At their abject terror, he asks if they're committed, and shows them a picture on the computer of himself wearing nothing but a "No Fur" sign over his crotch. So if self-photography habits are any indication, he's the complete opposite of Dick. Also, speaking of being committed, this is a long way to go for a joke. Hats off, but that's as far as I'm willing to take it. Veronica and Mac gape their way into the commercial break.

When we return, Darla speechifies a bit about the evils of wearing fur, and then asks Veronica and Mac, "You want to pose together?" I think there are bigger things in store for Darla than PHAT, because her question shows that she's got quite the aptitude for marketing. Veronica and Mac exchange a look fraught with fanfic fodder, but before we can, um, explore that, a curtain behind Darla is pulled back, revealing the remaining PHAT members, laughing. Assy Hair says that they pull this trick on all the gung-ho recruits, and Darla tells Veronica and Mac that PHAT loves them. Bronson steps forward and asks (Veronica and, but not really) Mac if they'd like to get something to eat with them. Mac: "I'm good. I had some mints." Veronica's "TF?" look is priceless, but I have the feeling Mac's still struggling with not throwing up after that little prank. Not all of us were best friends with Lilly Kane, Veronica. Bronson, no stranger to uphill battles, asks Mac whether she has any plans for the weekend, and Veronica, happy to play the role of Parker for the moment, pipes up that they have the Around The World party, and invites Bronson. He accepts, and asks what country they are. Mac stares, and Veronica's like, "Hmm?" Hee.

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