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Monkey See, Monkey Die

Mac and Veronica are walking on campus. Mac says that she can't wait to see Veronica holding out a banana for the monkey in a tree, and then "the branch breaks and hilarity ensues." Veronica: "If there's hilarity, I charge extra." Hee. Veronica asks Mac about the hard drive, but Mac tells her that it looks grim: someone poured something on it. Veronica checks a big bulletin board and sees that PHAT is having a recruitment meeting that night. I have my recording paused on the poster, and it promises a slide show. Probably a good marketing idea to leave that in the small print. Mac asks whether she wants company, and Veronica looks surprised. Given the subject matter here, there's been quite a bit of debate about whether Mac is still a vegan, and even whether she ever was. I don't have much energy for this, but I'll try anyway: the former point seems ambiguous to me for a number of reasons, but as to the latter point, Mac's mom called her a vegan. People have said in the forums that maybe her mom used "vegan" when she meant "vegetarian." All I can say to that is, if you know a sixteen-year-old girl who can resist correcting her mother when she's wrong, let her know that a career in diplomacy could well be in her future. Veronica tells Mac, "All we need is one more angel and we've got a show!" And perhaps Dick can be their Charlie. Talk about hilarity ensuing. Veronica advises Mac to "dress cruelty-free," and they go their separate ways. We stay with Veronica, though, as she runs right into her dad, who tells her that he needs to find Weevil. He fills her in about what Mindy told him, although he admits that he doesn't share her opinion. Veronica conveys some subtle chagrin at the idea of Dean Ed having been murdered, but gives up where to find Weevil, and then asks Keith how he found her, since her phone is off. Keith smiles as he leaves: "Maybe I'll tell you someday." Hee.

Mac is getting dressed in her room as Veronica reads from the PHAT website: "If it ever had a face or parents, you can't wear it." Mac: "So my mollusk shoes are cool?" If we see those turn up on next season's Project Runway, we'll know something about the designer's television-viewing habits. Mac holds up a ratty sweater and asks whether it says "cruelty-free." The heretofore-unseen Parker: "It says, 'I've given up. Don't look at me.'" Hi, Parker, I missed you! And as usual, you're not wrong! Some girl barges in and asks them if they want to be a country for the Around The World party. As I mentioned in the recaplet, we've heard that before, but a reader kindly emailed and set me straight that it was at a different college. But kudos for the cross-campus continuity. (Whoa, what went wrong with that?) Anyway, the idea is that people dress their rooms as different countries, and the girl is like, "Party? Fun?" From the looks she gets in return, she should suggest that they dress their room as whatever country has the largest cricket population. The girl takes the rejection gracefully, and when she's gone, Parker takes up her cause vociferously and adorably. Veronica and Mac are unmoved, though, and Parker "uch"s in frustration.

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