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Monkey See, Monkey Die

...and then they're sitting together in the almost-empty cafeteria. Piz is telling some music-related war story. They commiserate over not being into casual hook-ups, and the scene just from the humor and banter seems like it should be going one way, and yet if you watch the actors, you see how much Piz is trying to connect with Veronica, while Veronica, though very subtly, is a million miles away. Excellent work here. Anyway, they agree that going for the person you really want is good, and then Piz smiles big, thinking he's won her. Well, Piz, in an episode filled with windshields, someone had to be the bug...

...because the next thing you know, Veronica shows up at Logan's door. They look at each other sadly and longingly, and then Veronica's in Logan's arms and they're making out, and Logan boots the door closed with his foot. Hate to interrupt the romance with practicality, but watch out for Dick and that Polaroid.

In a bar, Keith has just made some selections on the jukebox, and sits at the bar to order a Scotch. Next to him is a depressed- and haggard-looking Landry. Keith strikes up a conversation about women, and tells Landry some story about how this guy was stalking some woman he was dating, so he tried to light the guy's car on fire. Keith's efforts here are about as subtle as his machinations in the fictional story, so it's nice that Landry puts an end to the charade by telling Keith that he read his book. "All the way to your picture in the back." Hee. ["Me, watching in an otherwise empty room: 'Well, SERIOUSLY.'" -- Wing Chun] The interesting question is whether Landry connected Keith and Veronica. It seems almost impossible that he wouldn't have. Landry tells Keith that he didn't kill Dean Ed, and then mentions that he wrote a book too: "Maybe you should check it out." Considering that it was mentioned in the first episode of this season and yet sat on a shelf during the whole serial-rapist arc, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Landry fixes Keith with a steely look, and leaves.

Mars Investigations. Keith tells Mindy that he'll take the case. She thanks him, and asks what made up his mind to do it. Keith: "Just...Scotch." Mindy doesn't look reassured by that answer, which might be the teensiest bit understandable.

Cafeteria. Veronica's alone at a table when Piz enthusiastically joins her and offers to buy her breakfast. Veronica's all with the "..." until Logan appears, sets down a tray of food in front of her, and asks Piz what's new. Piz -- trying to fake a smile and failing miserably -- responds, "Nothing, apparently." Logan, you did kind of set him up for that one. To what I think is their credit, neither Logan nor Veronica pretends not to notice the meaning of Piz's words, and they don't try to stop him from leaving. Aw, Piz, you could use some cheering up. I know where you'll be able to find a monkey in a few days. Veronica and Logan watch Piz go, and we fade out.

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