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Monkey See, Monkey Die

Cut to inside Gil's apartment, where Veronica is fondly watching the monkey dance around happily. I should say that, as mentioned in the forums, this monkey not only looks like Marcel, Ross's pet monkey on Friends, but actually is Marcel. And I just bumped the grade up for this episode because of that, because it occurs to me that this is the show's subtle way of getting us ready for the inevitable "WE! WERE ON! A BREAK!" conversation between Logan and Veronica. Veronica mentions the tea, and Gil clarifies that it's actually Pauline who drinks it, but Veronica goes on to reconstruct the whole thing, noting that Gil knew he could pin the break-in on PHAT. Gil and Marcel are busy being adorable, though, and Veronica can't help smiling. Gil explains that he started catching up on lab work on the weekends, so he bought Marcel a few toys with which to play while Pauline the buzzkill wasn't around. Soon, he was attached: "Veronica Mars, meet Oscar." Aw, Gil, my heart just grew three sizes. Can you find me a pill to treat that?

Veronica enters the lab, and Pauline introduces their crusty professor. After a quick look at Gil, she returns Pauline's check and says that she wasn't able to find the monkey. Pauline doesn't blame Veronica, but is hella pissed at PHAT. Veronica does offer that Mac was able to recover most of the hard drive, but the professor expresses his displeasure. He muses that, however, the data will be useful as a comparison if they can rush-order another monkey. Veronica blanches, but the guy obliviously notes, "Science marches on." Well, Veronica, at least you've learned a valuable lesson: twenty-six isn't your lucky number.

Mac goes to see Bronson at his ancestral estate. (No, seriously, is he living at home? That would make sense with the sister, and yet the lack of parents seems odd.) Anyway, Mac knocks, and gives it all of 1.3 seconds before turning around to go. Heh. Fortunately, Bronson isn't feeding the cougar or anything, and opens the door and happily calls her name. They're completely dorky and adorable together, and Mac babbles at him and he just enjoys it, and she invites him on a date the next night, and then they both try to downplay how excited they are, and then she turns to go and he gives an even more adorable "YES!" smile at the sky, but that isn't the best part, because Mac comes back and totally lays one on him. You guys? My heart really did grow three sizes there. Don't tell anyone.

It's Chili's product-placement time. Veronica buys something, and then she sees Piz in his booth. They smile and wave at each other...

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