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How is it that "Spit And Eggs" seems like it was eight million years ago, and yet I can't believe the show is back on already? It's probably best not to analyze that too closely.

Mars Investigations. Veronica grumps to Keith that he should hire someone to do the filing work with which she's currently occupied. Keith: "You're lucky I'm not a farmer. You'd be out plowin' a field." Keith's pretty cavalier about plowing, not that we didn't already know that from all the nights Veronica's spent at the Neptune Grand over the past couple of seasons. Veronica muses about what the manila in manila envelopes could possibly be, and then starts to head off to class, but stops in her tracks when Mindy O'Dell enters. Keith emerges from his office and quickly gets mired in the awkward himself, not that there was any avoiding it. I mean, as elephants in the room go, the unspoken "I reported your affair to your husband the night of his death" is on the large side. Keith follows Mindy into his office and closes the door, but not before giving Veronica a quick and adorably bemused grimace. Veronica, after a pause, heads out, and she must really like whatever class she's taking not to stick around listening at the door. She could even claim she was doing some independent research for Criminology class, although somehow I doubt Professor Landry would approve in this particular case.

In his office, Mindy tells Keith that Dean Ed didn't kill himself. She looks pale and drawn, as well she might, so props to the actress and the makeup people. Keith tells her that he told Dean Ed about her affair on the night in question, and that the Dean was drinking heavily. Mindy firmly says that Dean Ed would never have killed himself over her, and from what we saw of him, I'm inclined to agree. Keith says that Lamb ruled the death a suicide six weeks earlier, and asks why she's only coming to him now. She confesses that the visit is financially motivated, since Dean Ed's death's being ruled a suicide means that his life insurance policy is void. That doesn't really answer the question, unless it took six weeks for the insurance company to inform her of this detail in the Dean's policy. (Now that I've typed that out, I'll admit that it sounds a lot more credible.) Keith asks where she was on the night of the death since, if the case is reopened, she'll surely be questioned. She says that she was with Landry all night. The implication here seems to be that no one knows about Dean Ed's visit to see Mindy and Landry at the Grand on the night he died. Keith obviously didn't know about it, because if he had, he wouldn't have had to ask Mindy her whereabouts. And Mindy's failure to tell Keith suggests that she has something to hide, which means she wouldn't have told Lamb either. She stresses that neither she nor Landry killed Dean Ed, but I'm wondering if she secretly suspects her lover. He would have had reason to fear for his job, right? Keith says that he'll check around, but it's clear that he doesn't think there's anything to Mindy's theory. Well, sure. I mean, how many enemies could Ed Begley Jr. have? (That joke's totally lost its sting. I miss you, Dean Ed!)

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